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Silkk The Shocker


Haters Lyrics

(feat. Samm)

Yo Samm
These niggas can either love us or hate us
Nothin' in between that
In or out ya hear me

[Hook 2x's]
Haters (Haters)
What you ain't heard the tank don't stop (We don't stop)
Ain't nobody f*ckin' with this (Scream nigga)
No Limit No Limit (What)

Now how the f*ck you gon' stop a tank
Tryin' to deny the bank
We comin' through with them choppers choppin' and not a shank
Mac say's World War III
Beware on all streets
We got glocks takin' care of all beef
f*ck fair and all peace
We tried that shit
Tryin' to hide you bitch and stay inside and shit
But we kickin' down doors
Spittin' rounds for
Them fake motherf*ckaz stop hatin' motherf*ckaz
Only thing you need hot is bullets and f*ck you girl
No Limit Soldiers comin' f*ckin' up you world
Ain't nobody f*ckin' with it
And you can trust that
Niggas stoppin' the tank
Look motherf*ck that
[Hook 2x's]

I can't believe they ain't heard about
Them boys from the Dirty South
I speak with awkward slang plus I got a dirty mouth
So I'ma stay in this bitch till I get my shit tight
I'm tryin' to be the only nigga to ever get 6 mics
I tell them slow down nigga y'all just sit tight
It's all about triple platinum in this bitch
6 hits ain't right
I see them niggas
Look besides they fake
Number one fans
They get around they boys they try to hide the tape
Ah, you know when I slide in the place
Look at these haters
Look at they eyes and they face
They like them niggas ain't hip-hop enough
They from the South
Got too many gold teeth in they mouth
Them boys country they too rowdy
Plus they too bout it
But we don't give a f*ck
We bout to run 2000
So I'm like PLAYAS - get money
And y'all HATERS - get's nothin'

[Hook 2x's]

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