Gonna Cost Lyrics

Rolling number shooters,
and niggas we're barely..
I'm yelling out f*ck your rumors,
and now my bands ain't pum us,
get the park in your consumer,
I came to party..your consumer,
drug money all on my safe
black 4-5 stay by the waste
in the club with the mud on my face,
get the plug like I'm scar face,
I, designed to be my fashion,
you may be spare I'm session,
you may be spare I'm smashin,
got the cash nigga I'm cashin
got the cash out nigga I cash in,
got the ganga..I'm eating off my sailor
dogs out all..the head get put in the contract,
she's put that on my life,
money nigga they do in life,
so I'm up, I'm up all night,
moving them pills, traficant white,
niggas ain't really living that..

Hook: the bar, till the drink more..
you got puffs going crazy and they showing off
but to get it, VIP she gotta take it off,
'cause in this life nothing fair, everything cost,
everything cost, every-everything cost,
but to get VIP she gotta take it off.
everything cost, every-everything cost,
but to get VIP she gotta take it off.

I'm flexin big face rolling, got 101 only,
the bitch like holy-molly, let it shoe bitch above me,
she caught up in the moment, my every day atone me
I'm proficize and I owe me, I'm proficize and I owe me,
I'm living like the romans, like Queen Latifah owens,
I bust, I bust in veins, chuck money like two big..
f*ck you I do it for the fans, sign autographs shake hands,
I fly to four Atlants, give my money that pay advance,
f*ck no, me broke hoe, y'all pop niggas gotta be,
I'm a monster, straight killer like my uncle Joker
never lack it nigga, all I do is ..
me and too much and rari doing too much.

[2 x Hook:]

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