Relay Lyrics

Rolling mad blunts, that's my origami
All my verses fire, niggas spit wasabi
Join your'put you on designers
Started here with nothing, now a nigga grinding
Now a nigga grinding, niggas getting shows
Now I hit these shows and start demanding roles
Once I get the roles, back to backing hoes
Couple hundred for a verse, even more a show
Know some ATL business, hope a nigga blow
Audio dope, they stuff it in they nose
Real street nigga, bought it from the cold
Cops come knocking, you tell 'em you don't know
'hear my lines, say they love my flow
Rappers hit my phone, say they verse is dope
Please don't kill my vibe, I'm in a certain mode
Spraying when a fallen nigga about his dough
Nigga bout his dough
A nigga about his dough
A nigga 'bout his dough

You're breaking bones or breaking barriers, I'm breaking them, too
When we flip the switch then half a year it's taking them two
We know your role, we know your type, you're playing missed me, too
We don't know you, we don't owe you, take a picture, be cool
I see the ways they tryna pay, read the scripture, be you
Or grab a ratchet, get to tagging, rip a pistol in two
I'm hardly speaking on the subject when she all in my ear
You know your role, baby girl, you just part of my peers
Look, I'm gritty like eight was the section
Your Phantom doors hit the floor when we hit a recession
I'm headed overseas, all your flights are domestic
We'll jump a nigga out the gym, all your fights are domestic
You wanna go, throw your hands up, we gonna celebrate
Look, I need to focus more, watch me meditate
I hit him high as the sky now watch him levitate
You say you begging to differ then we can set a date
Nigga, I got bread to make

On my mark, I'm setting my squad already, place they bets
I take on fight 'cause PTO you more than new ATB4
Finna blow, we that C4, bomb wrap, we like Iraq
In the building like two planes, boy, you know I play no games
There it grows, I'm stunting on hoes, doing Brooklyn shows
Since my shit was in the sauce, my dropping like'
Shit, you lying here, my nigga, everything you hear is raw
I'm a lion's den, my nigga
Still a new jack, all my verses call a pooky
Nobody firing shots at the general, they salute me
A veteran in a year, Visine, my sight is clear
Your facing a side mirror, it's closer than it appears
Too legit, you should quit, watch me redefine hammer time
And let your bitch blow me like 30 mil' before my deal
It got too real and I forgot to have some fun with this
Kelso and Shome, the track team, know we running shit

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