New Rulers Lyrics

I can tell you this
He won't sell anybody out, to buy his future
And that my friends, is called integrity
That's called courage, now that's the stuff leaders
should be made of
[Shawn Wigs]
Aiyo, if I ruled the world legalize reefer
Have two more boys, my little Sonny and Cheeba
f*ck all the jewels, I would glorify college
Brag about what I know, power is knowledge
I would take Bush and let him go free in Iraq
I would do whatever it took to get the Towers back
Shut down McDonald's and open some Fat Burgers
No more Newports, buy stems of Gerder's
No taxing me out the ass, buying clothes
You can still f*ck girls but stop calling 'em hoes
Wu-Tang's fifth album would be on sale
And Biggie Smalls killer be dead or stuck in jail
Getting money would be the topic of every conversation
Invest for the future of my son's generation
College wouldn't cost so much, and you would never see
With a disgustic, flavored Dutch

Banks would pay better interest, stocks would rise
And it would be Def Jam under Starks Enterprise
If I ruled the world...
[Interlude: Trife Da God (sample)]
Imagine that... ('We must come to an understand
About who rules this kingdom') Come on, uh-huh
Yeah, Trife Da God, yeah... come on
[Trife Da God]
Yo, if I ruled the world, it would be a better place
The first black president like Chris Rock in Head of
There would be no such thing as bomb to denotate
And I would take all the low class families on Section
Make peace between Israel and Palestine, refine the
savage mind
And destroy automatic nines
Build a fifteen mill' ranch in the Caroline's
For all women and children who were victim of foul
daddy crimes
Zero tolerance, every hood'll be a monument
Reveal the truth, that was concealed in hidden
Like who killed Malcolm, and who killed Martin
Did R. Kelly really get pepper sprayed the Garden
Theodore would be a household name throughout the
Imagine smoking weed without never catching the
If I ruled the world, that's a good question
But until then I'mma just study these hood lessons
(come on)

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