S.d.m. Lyrics

Someone told me I could never find someone that I could
consider the one but,A certain someone came into my
life and I finally felt alive for the first time in my
Most say it was luck, some say it was a perfect find,
but I knew that it was much, much more.
All the feelings I had and the feelings I have grow
into something more than I ever imagined.
Not gold, not silver, not ruby, not pearl; not nickels,
not times, not quarters, nor dollars.
This, I found, this girl, she is all and more, the
treasure I was looking for.
Humble thoughts people gave me, but listened I not, for
this girl, this treasure, I can call the one.
All alone, I sit and think what I am doing is right,
and what I am doing, the conclusion, I think right.
Does this mean I found what I was looking for was right
there this entire time?
In the end, I will know what all this means, the one,
the real, I have found it.

And the hole in me, it filled, my life is complete and
I finally feel alive.
Now I see that life means so much more, to me, she is
my world.
Enrichened inside, my heart grows in size, for I can
finally breathe, a new aspect of life.
My life, my dreams, are almost at whole, she filled the
gap where my depression fed.
As for my dreams, they will come complete, and in those
dreams, she will be with me until the end.
Contemplating, need to think not, for this girl is the
stars and the full moon I gaze upon.
Knotted a tie and at the end of the rope, I found a
rope and on my end was you and I can't let it go.
In this world, there is real and make believe, real,
this is, to me.
Not the people, nor their words, not the downfalls, not
the friends, not the distance in future,
Nor the demons we all possess inside, not the poison
apple we bite into will end this.
On this ride we call life, we run through many good
things, many of those great things was you.
Never say never because in the end, never can turn into

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