Staria I: Amadeus Rise! Lyrics

Bad Men make their own rules.
And only Dead Men, can tell no tales.
But a Good Man, follows his heart into hell and he'll incessantly suffer until the truth is found.
We're all lost souls trying to set the sails and go home.

This lack of sleep has left me weak and put my body in a fragile state.
The accolades of one man's strength don't mean a thing when juxtapose to his threshold for pain.
How hard can you get hit and still keep going?

Her lifeless body lies before me and there's no hope in enduring what I've done.
I took a mother from her son, I stripped a lover from her love.
I took a daughter from her father now I'm knee deep in the water and the blood.
As her blonde hair and pale skin perfect-iously blend in with the porcelain tub,
She speaks in bloody bubbles, as I struggle just to keep her head down,
And drown out the last breath of our love!

"DreamGiver, this is DreamCatcher: COME IN, OVER."
The signal is lost, there is no response
Its f**king GAME OVER!
"In recompense for your offense the only penance can be pain, a vagabond among the stars
A desperado."

You were everything I wanted, you were everything I hated
And you never once so much as even looked my f**king way
Now that you've given me your heart, and now I hold you in my arms
Its taking every ounce of strength to keep from breaking your f**king face!

Sit the bitch on the couch and rip her guts out from her mouth
Whats a whore all about with her insides out?
"Just as I would have suspected. No wait! Babe I stand corrected!
In the end you were only lost and lonely like I!"
And now that we've found each other I could never love another
And to any motherf**ker comes between us he'd die!

"You have to know that I love you darling."
Honestly I don't know SHIT!
"You'll always be my one and only"
Bullshit bitch, you're the first to quit when the going gets tough
I'm the one who gets f**ked up!
I close my eyes and hear the demons again...

They told me you were pretending
But I know sometimes they lie
So I turned up the volume on the radio
I'd rather hear the music than the voices inside my head!

(the voices inside my head) weigh on my heart, without you I'd just fall apart
This love is an Echo, a mistake reverberating on my soul!
And all the while the serpents kiss, a crooked smile upon her lips
A Demoness, she teaches Walk Tall men to crawl!

This can't be happening! This can't be...

"We've only just begun..."



You hide behind those cold, callous eyes
That can't quite seem to draw a straight line of sight to mine
And I wonder does she fear me the way they all do...
SnakeCharmer let me ask you

Will my first-born daughter be labelled as a martyr?
And nailed to the cross for the sins of her father?
Should I even bother to raise, or disregard her...
A lamb to the slaughter, she's already DEAD.

Ripley, daddy loves you baby and they'll tell you I was crazy
But one day you'll come of age and realize that we're the same
And maybe baby, just maybe
I ain't as f**kED UP and crazy as they made me out to be every single f**king day of my LIFE!

"Wendy, Darling, light of my life.
I'm not going to hurt you.
I'm just going to bash your brains in.
I'm going to bash 'em right the f**k IN."

So shut you mouth with that "control yourself" BULLSHIT!
I'd like to see you walk a mile in my shoes.
Anne-Marie, don't let the bastards see you cry.
Jack I think its about that time to shine...


"By order of the High Judicator,
I declare this province under martial law,
Until the apprehension of the desperado known as Amadeus and his second in command...
The Black Demon Of The Resistance"

Find faith in my existence.
I AM the resistance.
Fear not, I will deliver us.

On your marks, get set.

No measure of blood could attest to the love that I hold in my heart for you
And all the skulls I've collected
From pretenders who've pretended such benevolence will hang from our tomb.
I know I'm a sick man.
But it's a sickness that is contingent on truth.
And if you leave this world without me baby my only request would be to be buried along with you!

I'll guard the mausoleum from the wolves at the door and the snakes at the floor
Who seek to defile what's ours.
I'll protect you, until either I resurrect you or I die in your arms.
Nevertheless, until my last breath I'll hold you close until my bones blend together with yours...

It was a BULLSHIT lie
I don't mean half the things I say half the time
Clearly convinced yourself you're void of fallacy
But when I come for comfort all I find is APATHY

So open up and let the wolves in, little do they know they're in the lions den
Predator, in an instant has become the Prey.
And this is what I gotta say baby.

Line 'em up, Shoot 'em up!
Mutilate, Decapitate and let the heads hang!
Dead men tell no tales around here.

I'm tired of being sick, and I'm sick of being tired...
A broken body, barely breathing, bleeding will to inspire
And when I talk they say I'm PREACHING
Because I'm passionate when I speak
And all the weaker minded singers think in rhyme without the reason
While the men that you call leaders lead the eager blind believers
Clearly clinging on like fingers to the SHIT YOU f**kIN' FEED 'EM!

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