Metropolitan Bar Lyrics

Do you feel the vibe?
This is my kingdom
Haters step aside
I'm what you believe in

By the power invested in Kanye. I am a God.
Yes, I'm aware that I am your newest distraction.
You can gaze upon my fierceness and fashion.
Take your notes while I display what you lack in.
Maybe, the first of my generation.

I'm a Metropolitan Bar.
Mono Shade and that cunt Aja.
I popped some pills, cause I'm under weather.
So bitch don't rain on my parade.
Boutta' show out Ms. Merry Cherry
But first, let me take a selfie.
Better sign up, if you wanna' get at me.
Cause I'm feelin' myself
No tea, no shade
Niggahs wanna talk about the come up.
Actin' like a 9 to 5 bitch really do care.
Haters lookin' at the swag that I got.
Sayin' shoulda woulda coulda, but you didn't. No fair?

She said "I'm a queen, so don't touch me"
Settle down, you've done a lot for yourself
Why do you fight like you've got something to prove?
Baby, do you see each others fantasies?
Shut up and just let it go
You're a lady.
Break it down for me DJ!
It don't matter to me.
Bring your man or bring your lady
Get your ass down Mutha' Luvas
Come enjoy the party!

Whoa Whoa Whoa, Oh my God!
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
You know Michael Jackson. You know Michael Jackson.
Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja
Bleh, UhUhUhUh
Mary Jane had happy eyes
When she heard that Brooklyn's on the rise
Got enough chit chat, cause it's time to grind
I'm in Lexington, like 59th
Got Jantina and her thighs
Servin' up milkshakes with a side of fries
And a middle finger up to that 9 to 5
Cause she works for money, not for time

Yes, models you have runway for days
Lookin' at me like I gotta problem with a bitch.
Got em' hatin' on deck, good at talking that shit
Swagga on fleek, and my game look sick
Now you wanna f**k with my click?
Bump that!
I'm chill so you know I'm blazin'
Ain't got time for the lies that you're raising.
If you don't f**k with my click, ok!
Cause it aint for the niggahs who don't want to be famous.

Entering into another dimension

This is my kingdom
Whoa Whoa Whoa, Oh my God!
I'm what you believe in...
I'm a f**king champion!
Do you feel the vibe?
This is my kingdom.
(Slam Poetry)

8 Ball rolling down a hill, turn into a boulder
Crushing mother f**kers who can't chill, rocking cold shoulders
Niggahs who don't listen were mistaken by my boudoir
I'm a f**king champion, I've got no time for losers

I'll follow you, If you could follow me on Twitter, and Instagram.
Because I look like the niggah that I think Iamamiwhoami
My heart's in the sky
Best believe I can fly; so don't do me that way
If I needed you. I would've let you know by now.
Some way or somehow.
Listen and I'll tell you something.
I'll stop when you say when.
You can still be my friend, and do your own thing

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Record Label(s): 2015 Digital Distribution
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