Congratulations To Me Lyrics

Uh, Guess I did it
Finally I get to host the EMA's
Shut your face. Who else could it be?!

(Verse 1)
Who else better then me to be hosting the show.
People know who the F I is. I'm a pro!
The right time and place for me to be
Yeah I'll say it -- congratulations to me!
So here we go another page in my legacy.
Belfast waiting until they get a load of me.
EMAs that's where all the stars are gonna be!
But most importantly -- congratulations to me yeah!!
Who's the hostess with the mostest? Right
I'm gonna be the focus only.
Congratulations to me yeah!
S-E-L-E-N-A to the Gomez!
Yeah you know I'm the dopest!

(Verse 2/Bridge)
Listen up, listen up
It's *** crazy growing up in this industry,
I still a baby when I hustled up into the scene.
Shut the *** you if you dare stand in front of me,
but that's okay you see cause now I'm the queen.
No, no no I don't wanna be misunderstood,
I hope you haters know I've always done the best I could.
Don't listen to her Selena don't let her get in your head,
but then again I wish you *** would.
I dedicate this song to everyone in me.
Selena G I'm known for my modesty.
I dedicate this song to everyone in me.
You got the gitz of the song now sing along.
Congratulations to me yeah!!
Who's the hostess with the mostest? Right
I'm gonna be the focus only.
Congratulations to me yeah!
S-E-L-E-N-A to the Gomez!
Yeah you know I'm the dopest!

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Meaning to "Congratulations To Me" song lyrics (36 meanings)
SelGomez 04/01/12,18:07

I really didn't want to do this it was MTV, but it was completely worth it. With my gangster look I got it from all the guys in Hollywood with the unbuttoned shirt and the baggy pants. I just loved.SG
selgomez 11/14/12,13:13

hey guys thanks for the sweet comments i love you guys and thanks for being my fans don't forget to follow your heart and your dreams will come true keep on reaching for the stars i never thought that i'd be an actress or singer if i could become a star then you could to love ya and always will:)
Jelenaismylife 09/08/12,08:52

I love your songs selena this song is great my cousin said he dont like you anymore cause of spring breakers and I said wat do u want her to b stuck on disney the rest of her life but I still like you
M Blake 01/14/12,17:54

This song is really awesome! I'm not mad at Selena, and she can do whatever she wants. But i think she should be careful of how she dresses in public media because of how many little kids look to her.
selgomez 08/17/12,14:21

sorry:( for my last comment but why do ppl have to fake be me its just not right plzzzzzzz i beg u stoppp tell me what u want selenagomez it might be an excuse to why ur faking me plzzzz:)peace
selgomez 08/15/12,08:17

selenagomez is fake im the real one guys gimmie a break just because some of hate me because im with justin dosent mean you have to fake be me and moustafa the realation ship is great
iluvjelena 08/01/12,16:24

selena you are really awesome and because of you i think i going to start singing a little more and thanks for being be inspiration!!
Selena Gomez 08/01/12,01:58

hey girls thank you for the comments :) love u guyz and this is the first time iv'e been on this website so yea :) sorry guyz got to go and feed Baylour so bye :) xx remember dn't let ur dreams go :)
iluvjelena 07/22/12,13:04

Happy birthday selena i luv ya! you are amazing and continue to be you and don't listen to the haters they are just mean people. btw i hope you and justin stay together 4 ever
moustafa 07/14/12,23:30

i like it so much and if u is really selena tell me how was the realtion ship with justin bieber and tell me all things
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