Main Event Lyrics (feat. Mista-E & Indigo 49)

Se to an
You See Slick
, he merks pen
Hes Working
To Get cream
With his team
Its certain
Just Winning at all cost
To be the
Ruthless boss
Man don't spare no tear drops
You beg friend, you get lost
I don't get no handouts
Act up and get tore down
SlickMatic to Menace of rap Scene
It's war now
f*ck top 5, or top4, I'm taking globe by storm
In rap form, I attack on
Those weak fiends that act strong
No energy, to be an enemy
Save the chitta chat for a lesser beat
It's Mista E
And slick G
Realistically your history
And don't try and talk shit to me
Because physically
You'll get flipped to sea
And typically I don't send threats, but typically it's not Slick G
You get it
Don't get it, your bound to get shredded
Your neck ain't protected , and your chick collects it
Just Take it and move
Before she gets moved on
I love to get 2on
Like that girl
I made a tune on
It's Slicko remember
And You will
Get peppered
If you chat your better
The Nu f*cking Era
My squad it cause terror
Lean back or get severed
The Wordplay so clever
It mus be an endeavour
Whatever I'm that sick, your frantic
This track is a classic
Like Mr Bombastic
I'm ever so drastic
And that is
The end of my verse
So Mista E
, my g, yeah
Please do your worst

When its people you look up to turn around and f*ck you
Putting on an act like theyre really gonna touch you
Thats when its war mode
Hammer Strike, break bones
Dantian ability, increase the death toll
PYN is the motto, Protect Ya Neck
Because the sharp sword loves to be wetting necks
Like a hickey, i call my mic Vicky
I buss it like a p*ssy, when the situations sticky
f*ck Idols, i lyrically murder my rivals
For the bread, imma spread like St Ivel
I been here before and im undefeated
1 on 1 battles know that i can't be cheated
Assignments against me will get deleted
Attack proceeded by demise immediate
No procrastination i use assassination
Techniques beyond ya wildest imagination

Indigo 49
Hiding from the light tryna master pain
p*ssy on my mind money on my brain
Thinking about that shit could've went insane
Higher than a plane
Smoke it on my own f*ck a rotation
And im in my zone thats my location
MPW thats my motivation
Money p*ssy weed thats my motivation
Step up to the track they can feel the presence
I know that but they feel the essence
I ain't even putting no effort
How could i take a break im so restless
And no breakfast, on my grind thats my preference
So my left wrist might chill with no netflix
And go get it stack it up but no tetris
Heard your mixtape shit tanks but no septic
Uh i just tell them keep the change
Bitches turning heads like i pulled up in a range
And yes i am a star so you know i need my space
And if that nigga acting up we put that boy back in his place

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Record Label(s): 2018 Lyrical Advisory
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