Slap Trap Lyrics

Well I an I seh I love di gyal dem but wi nuh love di gyal dem weh a con too much
Ash is ashes an dust is dust yuh done know wi keep dem in touch
So mi go so no
Slap trap gyal pose inna mini
Mi sight dat from morning yuh see mi
Yuh haffi know fi war caan move inna di city
Cau nuff gyal dem out dem nuh have nuh pity
Wi nahve nuh interest fi go par wid no czar (Oh no, yuh know mi nah guh stray)
Wi nah guh mek dem use wi like nuh old rent a car (No beat up patty body old rent a car)
(Verse 1)
Well only hot gyal weh wi a go look yuh know
Gyal deh weh a shock an a attack wi a go book yuh know
Gyal dem wi f**k yuh an pon dem wi hook yuh know
Wi nuh love dem likkle gyal deh weh a crook yuh know
Yo well
Well if yuh hot dont flop mek mi see
Yuh got di cure oomon yuh got di remedy
An yuh hot like Andre Degree
Yuh nuh give nuh one yuh lovin yuh reserve it fi mi
Seet dis gyal caan bank pon she
She nah nuh friend dem a move off key
If a mi
Dem waan come fit dem cherry
Hey oomon can doctor cure dem fi mi
(Chorus x2)
(Bridge 2)
Lovin some gyal dem tek it too far (Take it too far, take it too far)
Dem flippin, so wi haffi send dem to Mars (Send them to Mars, send them to Mars)
(Verse 2)
Dats why mi fit di best girl inna di bank yuh know
Wid di best dresses an di teachers inna di school yuh know
An di liars wi lea gal an a teet yuh know
Uptown an downtown girls dem a street yuh know
Yo well
Yuh get papers up yuh hand mek mi see
Seem to know yuh all frighten tekky
All who do dem mentality
Dem a mek big speech wid emphility
Gallang far wid yuh floppy titty
How weh yuh set it true pregnancy
Yuh get yuh pass an travel in di gri
You go a London, Paris, an New York City
(Chorus x2)
(Verse 1)
(Chorus x2)

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Record Label(s): 2000 VP Music Group, Inc
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