Actin' Bad Lyrics

Let me tell you somethin’. The V is a badass.
Fine dime brizzles in the back, I’mma tap that
Where the trap at? I am he who laughs last
Big top dog on the scene who smash cats
Actin’ bad but you’re boy is never badly actin’
Point me to the stage and I get it crackalackin’
Blowin’ stacks of cash while I’m blowin’ up loudly
Showin’ out, I represent the West Coast proudly
Shakin’ off haters and lames.
Bring a couple rubbers or the V will make it rain on your dame
Partyin’ like Mardi Gras with your lady friends
Sundown to sunup, the layin’ never ends
Do it all again. It’s the same ole’ same
Got money on my mind and bootie on the brain
I found my thrills in your Blueberry Hills
For real. I’m gonna need a Paul Wall grill feel.

Word to the D! See I’m swangin’ when I walk
Spittin’ out rhymes like I’m slangin’ when I rock
Don’t talk the talk if you can’t walk the walk
Got a sag in my pants cuz the haters on my jock
Go ‘head get lifted, the V will just lift off
Stay superfly in this game since kickoff
Tip top – where I reside on the daily
Heads in the clouds – boy the V’s so crazy
Maybe you can kick it with me baby
As long as it’s gushin’, girl it’s all gravy
My future looks bright, but I’m too cool for shades
Too cool for braids or an Escalade
Try me? Go ahead make my day
You can quote me, cuz you got nothin’ to say
Watch me ride out with my Maybach ways
I been actin’ bad since them wayback days

I grind like Dorrough. Keep you wired to the T
Bangin’ sick beats from the BTP, Yuh
I can make ‘ya holler like the NC Double A’s
Knock it out the park like the Tampa Devil Rays
Love some double D’s. The V is double trouble
Scoopin’ up the honeys on the double when I bubble
If you’re rappers lame, call me with the urgency
And I’ll put it down in case of emergency
I’m so nice I don’t mind my manners
Can’t believe your ears when I spit this grammar
Hammered if I mix the rum and the coke
My flows so potent. Come and take a little toke.
Not a joke. Nah. Bun B’s kind of trill
You’d think I was stuntin’-turnin’ wood grain wheels
Don’t need to brag ‘bout my cash or my slab
The V breaks it down that bein’ bad ain’t an act

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