Still Bangin' Screw Lyrics

Yeah, Lil Flip nigga
D. Diggs, nigga Shasta yeah
This for all the Screwheads nigga
Ya know, for real hey

[Lil Flip]
You know me, I ride with my trunk raised up
Boy I'm riding dubs, you better put them blaze up
I'm banging Screw, four 15's kick harder
Around the block one time, come back and switch cars
I sip barre, cause it's a family tradition
I'm the Freestyle King, it ain't no competition
I'm a Screwhead, I ride black blue red
They call me Lil Flip, nigga I can do that

[Chorus x2: Shasta]
I thought you knew oooh-oooh-ooooooh
That we forever banging Screw
I thought you knew that
I thought you knew that

[Lil Flip]
Hey I done bought the car, bought the house
I got about 30 karats, inside my mouth
I represent the dirty dirty, the dirty south
I even put it down with, Swisha House
I got more syrup than, Waffle House
9-9 graduator, I walked across
I run through all hoes, like Marshall Faulk
I f**k with Big Pokey and Big Hawk
And underground mix tapes, got us fame
And f**king with real niggas, got us game
Screwed Up Click about to go worldwide
And once you cross 6-10 welcome to the Southside, Southside

[Chorus x2]

[Lil Flip]
Thanks to my nigga Screw, I got my shine on
Now my nigga gone, so I gotta rhyme strong
I'ma go platinum, cause I'm a lyrical threat
I think about you everytime, I hear a cassette
Chopped up, but them niggas can't chop like you
Them niggas can't even make the music stop like you
But I'ma keep you alive, everytime I rap
On the real, DJ Screw put us all on the map
So everytime I bust a flow, I'ma show my ass
You taught me two things, keep it real and fold my cash
Now I'm rich, and I'm still dropping underground shit
And f**k the radio, I drop underground hits, I'm a Screwhead

[Chorus x2]

Yeah ha-ha, this for all the Screwheads nigga
Who been jamming Screw nigga, since the grey tapes nigga, ya know
We gon put it down for my nigga DJ Screw
These niggas mad and shit
Cause he gave me the plack for the Freestyle King
But nigga I'm selling, knowI'msayin
We doing it how it go, my nigga D. Diggs nigga
Nigga we gon f**k the whole world up
If it's too fast, I can screw that
Lil Flip, Sucka Free Records, my cousin Shasta nigga
That's how it go nigga, Screwed Up Click forever
For real, I'm a Screwhead nigga, uh
3 N' Tha Mornin, what
Dirty Southside, Houston Texas, what
DJ Screw, nigga R.I.P.
And I'm out

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