Gunz Crewz Lyrics

Yeeeeeeeeah... deadly
Yeeeeeeeeah... deadly

Over let it go when I loot, get be funnies to high
I gonna while leaving that leave the graveyard
I gonna cause be vic' never watch funny
I gonna cause be vic' never watch funny
I grossly to bath... date never terror
Terror wrong it loot to leave while to flat

I never'll to be'll f**kas to no
I called that nigga crime to sleeper
From the? Flatlinerz to a flatline? to the great

To trigger want I'll back to?
Let's go nigga, from the bloody red
Tell from the blood come pray
Now to guys, from the?

I'm a? boys
Let's go nigga'? to a?

Scrub, Karim, and to and Albert, Mr. Boy and Aqu
To a raaaw it's a?

It's a rrrrrrrrrrraaaaaawwww to time to shit
Now the?

Shit shit crew crew to a crew (4X)

Doe than killa, that the bloody red
To a asshole bloody puff now than sauce
To a ground down and myself and life then
Bloody body, I get?

I'm a? to a watch
Now than niggas and to? motherf**ker?

Shhhhhovel to rrrrrrrrovel and leeeeevel to rrrrrrrrraw
Noooooooooooow to and sooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuund
Now the? to a niggas 'em went
Bloody asshole back to niggas 'em ass shovel

I more than tryin to sleeper
Niggas 'em to cryin to a fryin
Now runnin away goin runnin to shit niiiiiiiiiiiiigaz live
Now than 'em leavin' back to over the blood somewhere
I pop the pop devil dear
To a niggas and fear
I sleeper rrrrrrrrrrraw to nasty, yuckk!

It's the boom buck
Niggas know the?

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