Remember Lyrics (feat. Juga-Naut & Ali Vegas)

What these kids know about cassettes?
And taping off the radio?
And walking to your friends house
To play the new radio show
Chrome tapes was for the ill shit
That never my left my house
I used headphones for a mic the other way round
Didn't have money for vinyl or decks
So I wrote down the lyrics of all the rappers I respected
Deciphering the slang
I Was from a million miles away
It was like another language when I heard Ghost and Rae
And Queens Bridge was my favourite place
Even though I never been there
It seemed closer
Than my neighbours face
A lot of kids in the area turned to hard drugs
A few went to jail
Taking on the image of hard thugs
But rap never made wanna do a crime
All I wanted to do bust a few rhymes
And I was chubby and a little ugly looking
I started getting good with flow
Now I'm the swan and not the ugly duckling


Remember when we used to freestyle for fun?
On a cold winter's night in the garage when we was young?
When the rap tapes broke we would fix it with sellotape?
Made sure we made a copy for our mates?
Now we send a youtube link
6 million times around the world in a blink
I'm not saying that's bad its a blessing
But when I used to rap I was a little kid messing

Juganaut Verse 2

Walking Messiah for the people
The hero's
Pesci and de Niro
The tombs of the pharaohes
Ruby on the chain
Main vain
Squeeze a name
Release the pain
Pour the grease
And decrease the flame
Fried snapper
High five to the livest rapper
Write and conquer
Divide and master
Wipe the sweat with the flannel
Good food channel
Dapper dan
Louis suit
With the blue panel
People wanna posture
‘cus they see me as an alpha male
Sometimes the heart stays strong
But the mouth will fail
Tell the tales of betrayal
Smell light the L
Strike the bell
Strike the match up
Ignite the hell
20/20 vision
With the wisdom of my forefather
Cause drama
It's Pearl Harbour
When I pour lava
Heavenly feeling
I'm forever revealing
Chill with villains
In a villa
With incredible ceilings
I love rap


Ali Vegas Verse 3

Alpha beta paper
Ali Vegas of course…

I was born to do music
I'm not the author to fool ‘em
Critics caution the movement
Come across the cross in a double
You in trouble
(talk to em)
Don't be content
With the way that the cookie crumble
My mere presence humble to fool you
For years I thought rapping
Over a beat was belittling me
Never turn down the gift that was given to me
This is a life you gotta be living to see
Even the vicious decree
Child of god
Decision rod
Start Splitting the sea
(talk to em)
Mortal or king
My reign was pre-ordained
Even those that taught to be strange
Talk to me same
(what up what up)
Listen to the piano's
And get a feeling how My thoughts are deranged
Walking disorient
The chorus explains
How I went from a poor baby
Now the whores praise me
And tours pay me
That's how Lord made me
See me directing pictures with Scorzayzee
And Juga-Naut
And I still love the block


Yeah That's how we do it
Ali Vegas, Scorzayzee
N.Y.C baby
U.S.A to Nottingham
The whole U.K
We global now
Black syndicate
Don't get hit…

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Songwriter(s): Ali Vegas, Scorzayzee
Record Label(s): 2015 Gotham City
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