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Splashtown, Tx
Sauce Walka


Splashtown, Tx Lyrics (feat. The Real Drippy)

[Intro: The Real Drippy]
(Chamberlain, he's got it)
I saw that nigga, I'ma tattoo him on my leg
I'ma kill him and tattoo him on my leg
Drippy, Drippy, Drippy, Drippy, Drippy, Drippy, Drippy (Drip, Drip, Drip, Drippy)

[Verse 1: The Real Drippy]
My young niggas robbin' for the lean
Moonwalking on a bitch, Billie Jean
It's Splashtown, boy, we speak that saucenese
AR-15, .223s
Splashtown, Texas, we don't wear plain gold
We put diamonds in our necklace
And I got white ho who think she black, but she got freckles
Put a nigga on a stretcher
Automatic weapon with the bullet-catcher, Drip, Drip, Drip
I ain't scared of shit
I could go to Oakcliff, I could go to the Nix
I could go to Murderworth and post up in the 6
Never thought I would be rich, Drip
Me and Skuba used to skip school and hit licks
Diamonds black like a pen
Heard them niggas killed your partner, you made a song, but you didn't spin
Heard them niggas took your chain, you never see that bitch again
I'll put a nigga in the blend
Punch his teeth off his chin
Opp act like you my friend
Get your ass by yourself and hit you with this FN
Diamonds water, I'm growin' fins
Big birds, no hens
I got two Glocks from the same pawn shop, so I act like they twins
Niggas be broke, stacks full of tens
My diamonds darker than my sins
[Verse 2: Sauce Walka]
My bitches white, they hens
They make millions, not friends
You been jackin' off to her Fans
Put some sanitizer on your hands
Me and Sakway was in the Benz
Had a hundred shots in that bitch
Glocks in Tallahassee with a switch
My flow magic, abracadabra
I call up my Mexicans, they'll come stab ya
I call up my Ricans and they'll come grab ya
I call up my Asians, karate, they snap ya
Knock you off the ladder, I'm meaner, I'm badder
You weaker, you fatter, you don't even matter
I scoot up with Drippy, that's a demon and pastor
Punch a rapper down, he ain't beatin' the master
Ghost a rapper, now he hangin' with Casper
I'm at Rockets games, we beatin' the Raptors
My ho in here with lawyers beatin' his masters
You a magazine, not even a chapter
Start my Bentley up, I'm leavin' 'em after
You a nobody, not even a factor
I'll have Lil Bird squeezin' it at ya

Tweet tweet, tweet
Bird next, nigga

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Songwriter(s): Sauce Walka, The Real Drippy
Record Label(s): 2021 The Sauce Familia Create Music Group
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