I Hate Windxws Lyrics

[Intro: Lil Phlegm and Lil Nesley]
Don't worry windxws!
Windxws, if you don't come to my birthday party, there will be trouble!
(Umm, I'm like Thanos. Thanos rock diamond my fist like.. I'm not Ski Mask the Slump God!)
(Oh, who here hates windxws kids? Hahahahahahaha!!!!)
This is all irony
Make sure to be on there... I mean, at my party, and stuff!
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!)
(Oh my god, oh my god...)
(Ermahgerd, ermahgerd...)
Raise your hand... Raise your hand if you hate Nesley lore!

[Verse 1: Lil Phlegm and lilnedbigby]
Punting a shawty's head, yeah
I cannot make my bed, yeah
I'm so special-ed, yeah
Voice pitched up like Fred (Okay, like!)
I'm always swingin' like teeter-totter
And I'm comin' up like I'm Peter Parker
And I am metric, no meter no liter
But shawty got chain like sweeter water (Augh!)
I killed a baby once in my life
I don't have a gat but I have a knife
I hate windxws, I hate Chelsea
You gettin' fat, eat more healthy
Screw windxws, I stole his lunch
Maxi Pad, be back in a month (O- okay!)
I hate windxws, that's his tag
I guess he just forgot his swag

[Verse 2: lilnedbigby]
My favorite color is red (Huh?)
I do not take my meds (Huh?)
I fell off your bed (Huh?)
My head's gone, I'm dead (Okay, like!)
I'm always peeing, I don't ever stop
And I'm hanging with Sheen and we smoking a rock
And I'm dangling my peen, I'm fiending for a (Eww!)
Mom took my spleen, she said I didn't need it
Smokin' a Rocky, I'm slippin' on semen
Why are you capping? You don't even mean it
Wear all my dentures, I don't put my teeth in
I do not brush them either (What?)
Alex hit Maya Hawke with an ether (Gross!)
Your girl bought her butt from Keter (Ew!)
I roast you like a Weiner 'cause you charging for a feature (Ayy!)
[Interlude: Lil Nesley]
I seem to always find myself in these interventions!
Interventions? I mean, intermissions, of course!
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse 3: Lil Nesley]
And I'm still eating booty
Check my waist, I'm rockin' Louis
I hate windxws, yeah he's lame
I might stab his membrane
Drake is upset, yeah he's mad
If you hit me, I'll tell Dad
Feel like Madame with those Labs
I'm so cool, I'm so swag
I pulled up to shoot your head
I just tucked my sis to bed (Bye sister!)
Bye sis, you're dead
Now I'm running from the feds
Money stacking like Pringles, yeah
Getting rid of my wrinkles, yeah
I'm a star, yeah, no twinkle, yeah
Get me ice cream, no sprinkles, yeah (Aaaahhhh!)

[Verse 4: Lil Neom X]
God came back and he gave me whiplash (Yeah!)
Lookin' like a Kit Kat while I eat a Big Mac (Yeah, yeah!)
And I hate meme rap like I hate my dad (I hate him!)
'Cause he ate my food and it made me mad
So I went to the store and I bought a cool food
And the food salesman asked me if I want cookies
So I said "Yes, please!" and I ate those things
And he gave me nachos and it made me pee (Me pee)
Bruh, I be jumping, I be jumping all around
When I jump, when I jump, yeah it make a cool sound (Cool sound)
I am gonna die (Die)
In seven day (Day)
I will go to Heaven, yeah
I will meet Obama, yeah

[Outro: Lil Neom X]
Mom, I don't think Obama went to heaven!
(What do you mean?!)
I think he died!
(What the heck?!)
I think he... I think he went to H-E-double hockey sticks, he's down there, Mom!
(I don't think he's down there...)
(I think you need to calm down...)
Mom, where are you?!

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Record Label(s): 2019 Saint Goose SPACEAGE
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