Battling Lyrics

The day of reckoning is here,Ah yeah,it's
finally arrived
This is it,only the strong survive
A supreme being of power,a tower of strength
Defeat me, you better go to great lengths
'Cause I've got the power to do you harm
'N when I get hold of you I'll crush you in my palm
Believe me ,I won't fail in my quest
N' when I've finished,I'll clean up your unsightly mess.
An eye for an eye,a tooth for a tooth
I won't turn the other check and that's the whole truth
What gives you the right to want to hunt me down
Still waters run deep,I'll make sure you drown
Aunt Sally-scapegoat,you're a whipping boy
Step to me n' I'll crush you like a boy
The inscription on your tombstone,your epitaph
Will read you took the wrong direction down the wrong path
A brilliant display of strength and skill
Will defeat the supreme embodiment of evil
You are doomed,you are finished,you are no more
For all the wrong you've done I'll even up the score
What?! you don't believe I will?
I'm gonna make you the subject of ridicule
An' when my mission is accomplished,then you will know
My name is the Lord;reap what you sow
Whatcha gonna do,whatcha gonna do?
I'm throwing down the gauntlet
You'll run when I'm not cheating you
Whatcha gonna do,whatcha gonna do?
I'm issuing a challenge,you won't know
what the hell to do
Fight fire with fire,that's what I'll do
Abuse,break,squash,pound,cripple,crucify you
And when you think that I can't dismember no more
I'll displease,distress 'n distort your jaw
You'll be in dismay when I disregard
The fact that you think you're so hard
I'll dishonor you - I'll make you feel so bad
Disown you - just like your mum 'n' dad
I'll display all the hatred that you've given to them
Disfigure you and dash you in the deep end
(Chorus x 2)
Whatcha gonna do,whatcha gonna do?
I'm throwing down the gauntlet
Disregard and dispose you.

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