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If you wanna leave me here, just go
If you wanna leave me here, all alone
If you wanna leave me, then just go
If you wanna leave me here, all alone

[Verse 1]
I'm sittin' watchin' blood while it dries on my sleeve
Thinkin' why does everyone I love die or just leave
And if I mean a thing, then why would you leave
My mind only sees the suicide side of things
At this point we can't relate if you ain't lost еverything
I ain't a bad person I got monsters in mе
And if God is a thing what's he wantin' with me
Keep Lil Peep on repeat I see the awfulest things
Another night spent starin' down at a gun
Got a bullet in the chamber take it out then load it up
Hell yeah I wanna die, but I ain't the only one
Promised if not for me I'd at least live on for my son
I could never sell my soul I wouldn't know what it'd be worth
Don't think hell's a separate place, I believe it's earth
Shouldn't use these blades to feel, but the pain it just works
I been thinkin' about Juice lately while I take percs
I'm insane but the pain it just hurts
[Verse 2]
Don't worry about me you should worry 'bout yourself
I don't give a f*ck 'bout anything you'll only hurt yourself
I am not a person I'm a shell, trapped inside a certain kind of hell
If I found the cards to open up the curtains you could tell
Ain't been sleepin' late at night I see me murdering myself
Why the guys that used to wish I fail try and wish me well
[?] my words magical like Merlin himself
The earth isn't well I'm sending serpents to hell
If my idols weren't dead then we'd prolly be friends
Give a f*ck if my name's one these lames won't forget
Gotta cop the suicide doors i8 just for X, and for Peep I'ma need to cop the truck that's a benz
I've always been myself never copied no one else
For you fakes that's way more than you could say for yourself
I can't go back, I was made up in hell like in Freddy nightmares it's like Jason as well

[Verse 3]
Yeah, most of y'all are actors and not rappers there's a difference
You better learn the ones between facts between fiction
Don't know why you got a pole you can't aim wit' it
It'd be such a shame if you lames came up missin'
But there is not much we could chop up, stay out my way and we won't have no problems
Young Dracula might just have to pop up
Goddamn this grown man screamin' like a toddler
Ain't no surprise why your wife doesn't want ya
Walking through the hall bruh, spirits too terrified to haunt us
If you wanna leave me here, all alone
If you wanna leave me, then just go
If you wanna leave me here, all alone

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Songwriter(s): SadBoyProlific
Record Label(s): 2022 SadBoyProlific
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