Stormhammer Lyrics

[XU:] "Behold your creation, CROM ! Thine wicked seed -
the Bastard of the Cursed Witch - has crushed the
Gleaming Citadels of Holy K'UR and has promised to soon
destroy thine Sacred City of Worship, Glorious A'RYTH-
RA ! We must stop his mad actions ! We are in danger to
lose control of the situation... are we not the
righteous Rulers of this Dark Domain ?"
[CROM:] "You know, there's only one way to make an end
to his destructive course ! We must empower the
Dragonslayer again with immortal Moon-Magic and fierce
Death-Spells even the Sorcerers fear ! And we just have
seen what Magic and Power can do to a Soul Unpure... Do
you think that it's clever to fight Fire with Fire,
[XU:] "Of course ! It is dangerous... but do we have
another chance ? The world drowns in Crimson Death and
K'UR has already fallen to your Son's wrath ! Chaos
takes over our Kingdom... STOP HIM, CROM !"
[CROM:] "RIGHT ! The Crimson-King shall be born again
beneath the Dragonsky... I will grant him the Sword of
the Dragonmasters and enable him to dream the Dreams of
Enlightenment... Are you now satisfied ?"
[XU:] "I will be satisfied when your spawn is torn to
pieces... FOREVER !!!")
([XU:] "I have taken your sight, Witch, and now I am
watching you die ! Whore of the Gods, Mistress of CROM,
now finally Vengeance is mine !"
[THE WITCH:] "Your Rage in the end it will crush you,
merciless and selfish XU ! My son is the Light and the
Glory. Your Nemesis, your bane and your Doom !")
[Legends engraved in the Black Stone of A'RYTH-RA:]
"Forged in the Fires of the Eldritch (by the)
Dragonmasters of K'UR
(Anointed by the) Elvenlord-Kings of the Black Witch
(Unholy and sinful Mistress of Magicians and Gods !)
(Darksome) Treasures gleaming pale azure ! Dark Steel
blessed by the Power of the Drune-Queen of XU"
"(Such an) Arcana granted (to me) in my Death-Dreams !
(I am engulfed in) Myriad Visions !
(I was born to wield the Moon-Blade of) Arcane Doom !"
(Spells are woven into the Celestial Sword !)
[Legends engraved in the Black Stone of A'RYTH-RA:]
"Fire and Magic ! Empowered by Moon-Force... (and the
Spellcraft of the Witch-Circle !)
Envenomed by Death-Spells... (and the Curses of the
Dreaming Dead !)
Only fools ignore (the Power of the True Gods) !"
"STORMHAMMER, Sword of the King !
STORMHAMMER, Wrath of Steel !
STORMHAMMER, tear and sever !
STORMHAMMER, reign forever !
(At the Blood-Stone Altar of CROM, the Slaughtergod,
the Sword is given to the King.)
"Entwined the Horrors of the Blind Witch. Wretched
Guardian of the Blade.
Hammer of Red Death and Suffering ! Born to rule (and)
to enslave !"
"A Millenium of slow Death I shall bestow upon the fool
I am the Arch-Fiend of the Traitor... (The scourge of
the demigod !)
Tyrant ! I am your Bane, your Fear, your Doom !"
("I kneel before the Altar. I speak the Ritual Words in
the Tongue of the Elder Gods: TOTH JA'ZUL NE'ZA TOTH RA
! Now the sword is mine ! Eternally !")

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