Kings Are Back Lyrics

Daily hustle, Daily Grind, on the edge of the map.
Left side to be exact, West coast ready to snap
Drop your head leave you dead, We don't do it for the bread,
We do it for respect get it through your head.
Thugz life is in the air, California's home be the danger zone,
Don't stay home alone
Cuz I bust through your window 45 extended clip
In your house on your couch, crack a 40 have a sip,
Don't give me lip, shut the f**k up and move
Actions speak louder than words I'll break you in your hood
I'm a golden state g dissecting your brain
Human flesh at stake, mistakes leave stains
Come around this scene dislike take flight
3 strikes you're out, be ready to fight
If you aint from the west don't come to the coast
If you are from the coast put your glass up and toast.

We drink we smoke we straight west coast,
We run the streets, take flight the most
If it wasn't for the west you wouldn't need a vest, Bullets at your head aint no aiming at your chest.
If you get high then don't come down, If somebody disrespect bet beat them down
Cuz the wet I'd back to reclaim it's crown, going hook for hook, going pound to pound.

If it wasn't for the west these rapper wouldn't need protection
This interception will be your depression
My vocab will toe tag your whole world's perception,
Mother f**kers witness this west side aggression,
The Raw, The Real. They feel it when we kill,
They spit about the cars, we spit about the steal.
They talking bout some bull shit, no talking when the bullets hit.
We run up in your spot, hit the ground or be the murder vic.
We vicious when we enter, unload on the scene
We got these posers trippen like some methamphetamines
Anaheim be the dungeon where they hit you up with pistols
Best to run for safety when you hear them funny whistles,
Take flight, hit the blunt and then pass it
Slap the mother f**ka if he act a silly bastard
The west is back and the kings have arrived.
Head hunting wack emcees homie, dead or alive.
[Hook x1]

[Zoot Zoot Classic]
I be drinking and smoking, stirring all this commotion
With the ruckus I'm bringing, now the wheels are in motion
For the few that are chosen not the lames that be posing,
Dancing, prancing around like strippers for tokens
And you gotta be joking while I'm locked and re-loaded
Devoted to murdering anything sugar coating
Cuz I find it repulsing so I'm planting explosives
You rookies and novice in case you didn't notice
Police looking for motive while your heads in the ocean,
And the rest of your body is rotting with maggots and roaches
So my slogan will be and always remain,
f**k with us and get damaged to brain
Ravaged with pain, this savage can't be tamed
Or held down by chains, a virus you can't contain
So I maintain a balance with the good and bad
Sick side all day cuz homie it's on like that.

[Hook x1]

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