All The Way Turnt Up Lyrics

[Intro - Roscoe Dash]
Do not turn me down
Just gon' turn me up
Roscoe dats wassup(Wassup)

[Chorus - Roscoe Dash]
All the way turnt up
All the way turnt up
All the way turnt up
All the way turnt up
All the way turned up (Shawty we all the way turnt up)
All the way turned up (Shawty we all the way turnt up)
All the way turned up (Shawty we all the way turnt up)
All the way turned up (Shawty we all the way turnt up)

[Verse 1 - Roscoe Dash]
DJ turn me up, crank me to the max
I got lots of guala, I be blowin' stacks
Polo on my ass, shoes dat serve da bag
I be so turnt up, I be swaggin' to the max
If you get it in, and you gettin' dough
Gon' pop a bottle, dis right here yo' song
Purple bottoms on, you can smell it on my clothes
'Bout to take one to the long
I'm gone, and I got da song
I be writin' on the inches wit' dem woofer goin' on
Dey like wat is goin' on?
I don't really know
Den I roll up all my windows, and I crank dis shit up all the way


[Verse 2 - Soulja Boy]
Hopped up out da beeddd, wat happenin'?
Soulja Boy Tell'em, they can't turn up to my level man
Money on the table
All up in Mexico, gettin' into the Pesos
Check out the gear
If gettin' money was a sport I'm gonna need it every year
We gettin' money ova here
The Westside know where I'm from
Yo' girl spinnin' on my dick just like a CD-ROM
Turn uuppp
Turn up till you can't turn no mo'
Burn up till you can't burn no mo'
Rock my chain er'where I go
Smoke till you can't smoke no mo'
Choke till you can't choke no mo'
Work till you can't work no mo'
I'm rich I can't go work no mo'


[Verse 3 - Roscoe Dash]
Turn up
All I know is turn up
Smokin' like a hippie, all I do is burn up
All in V.I.P., and they be actin' like they know us
I'm like we..turnt up
Excuse me while I turn up
All dese hoes be choosey, but I turned it up the whole way
I done turned up on da wrong
I be turned up off da cold
All these niggas mad cuz I be pullin' all they hoes
First I get 'em to the room
They be turnt up out they clothes liiiiiike
Annd I be goin' ham
I don't think these niggas really know just who I am
Dis is R-O-S-C-O-E Dash
And I'm about to cap it
But for short you can just call me Mr. Way To Turnt Up For That Sag


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Songwriter(s): Kevin Michael Erondu, Jeffrey Lee Johnson, Deandre Way, Christian Arceo
Record Label(s): 2010 Interscope Records
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