Cosmic Kev Freestyle Lyrics

Ima let that shit ride real quick
Kev,I'm on the roll ,buy more cars
Give me power with the towers, now I'm chatting with the stars
Honey, work the green stuff that one of us got
It's like the sim card cause you activate my buzz
I'm a leader in my city,I suppose when you're the first niggaz
With the sold out shows,
I wasn't gang-banging,I was bumping these hoes
Cause is different but I'm bumping these hoes
I'm came through all the city in a chromed down rose
You could watch God's great and his shows Lord knows
...we got to bring the mail West back
Easy,show me,I could do it,I ain't got myself cracked
We can put me in team,money fell in my lap
I'm in London gettin' paid,all over the map
Come put you momma in the crib,your sister and the ...
When you pullin' on the left,dog you don't really see them
Cause the driver ... I was goin' chill but it can happen in the night
Yeah all October shit I'm wrappin the night
You're checkin'm y phone but I'm not home
I'm gone ,gone in the zone
That's the way it is
...ladies parents'pussy boys have a funny kiss
And Ima keep buyin' things while they're talkin' shit
I hit a hole ...when my ...
Mine's gettin' a gunny get on somethin' exciting
And then I swear it's way too many young and dying
That's why I',m a young boy tryin' to live my life wrong
Sooner or later I'll probably catch a flight home
I need a crib in every state,in every country
And my mind in one time I'm still broke,I'm still hungry
Reality is different comin' home to no honey

I said reality is different I get it
I'm gifted ,I'm givin' it back to the kids on Christmas
Tag all the ribbon around the all oak tree
In front of my brand new crib , and then I drive to the Oak street
And everybody know me but I'm super low key
Tell me how they hit on me
Besides from gettin' money in respect from O.G
Your flow is so addicted and now they wanna OD
Man,that's why the boys are so asleep
I gotta catch ...why they goin' at Casey's
Ricky told me:'don't do nothin' for free'
But that cosmic ...cause you know they hear ...
Man,it's nothing comin' off the dawn right now
And I'm ...of goin' home,right chrome,right now
Yeah,life is crazy,it's so amazing
Not 'till I'm blazin' on a rare occasion
Take no vacations,I don't work and deserve and serve
And then I go to Hawaii and now I'm surfin'
My homie noticed I'm on the beach
You know I'm gonna eat and bring a bill on the street
Stuff it in the sea
Yeah,I 've been my ...ridin'
Nigga if you wanna ...
Rap is too violent,I'm just trying to get these ladies
And they are makin' ... you know I'm on that bullshit
...that glimp shit ,I'm tempted
But I'm gonna give money and not
We can go and switch it up
You know I gotta get my ... never give it up
I drop the flow but right now I'm gonna pick it up my mother
I told that us to hustle but I got to get the money home
Either comin off the dawn?
And another ride's wrong outer space
Lookin' younger in its face,lookin' in my eyes
You see the riddle,there's no disguise
Caught them by surprise
So gifted,so lifted,I'm grande
I get it,smoke to their ...
I'm in a flow so wicked
But the boys are still Christian ,see that Jesus shinin'

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