Shower Posse Lyrics (feat. Knowledge The Pirate)

You wanna do a job for me?
Need me to pull the trigger huh? Who is it?
The gang who took over your position
So why don't you do it with your own men?
Because I need professionals for a job like this
Real professionals
So what does it pay?

[Roc Marciano]
Distill ill like the slums in Brazil
It's kill or be killed out in the field
I used to sling krill's
Still grip steel, steer the wood wheel
It's a good feel, blow a kush field
With bitches that cook meals
Click heels, strictly big bills
Bitch I'm a big deal
It's a bitter pill to swallow
Shoes Ferragamo
Alpha Romeo Milano
Crack be selling out the bottle
Hang at the Apollo
Like a Picasso
f*ck the cops yo
In this, listen this
Either get hit or come the end list
Leave you limbless, the room's dim lit
Nigga we live this
The kid is sending shots where your lid is
Any nigga can get it
The Benz is kitted
'Lo sweaters knitted
Cantaloupe splitted nigga
[Knowledge the Pirate]
I'm from the blocks where Gimmy got shot
Jimmy got knocked when they found the bodies in the vacant lot
Last night Bajans ran in the Jamaican spot
Eyes gazing', hand shaking
Now the Bajans at war with the Jamaicans
4 or 5 days, 4 or 5 lives been taken
Niggas murder like they worshipping Satan
They kidnapping and decapitated his body in the basement
Listen, they knew what they was doing
Soon as the beef start brewing
Two shooters from out of town flew in
Unfamiliar faces, nobody in the hood knew 'em
Therefore it made it easy to get to 'em
Son got complacent, until that gunfire pursued him
Now his whole empire is ruined
Niggas took over his block, stopped his movement
This is real life true shit

[Roc Marciano]
I hold a .38 like Vivian Blake
Slinging weight, sit on a milk crate
Silk pillow case, three hundred long up in the suitcase
Yellow Rolly with the blue face
My shoe taste taste like blue grapes
Put something nice together for you
Make it nice, pleasurable
My schedule inaccessible
Live on a vessel
Nestle, two birds left it's a Heckle and Jeckle
I'm nothing like the rest, I'm special
I'm holdin' a tec, you're talkin' bout "Yo, let's wrestle"
Address you, then undress you from your derby to your dress shoe
I more than thoroughly impress you
You're left naked in a cesspool
I'm laid up in the bedroom with a sex tool
Lips celestial turn skeletal
Like fiends, I pedal too
Headshots from metal blew
I make green like yellow and blue
40 below, rock an elephant boot
Do it better than you
Niggas is jealous, I'm just telling' the truth
[Knowledge the Pirate]
The lifestyle of the movers and shakers
A mansion with a pool, a mule with 40 acres
So many dream of this life but only a few will make it
The rest get left outdoors hungry and naked
Drug busters, murder cases
Secret indictments, kingpins going broke from high coke prices
One love to all of my lifers
And peace to the Gods that's building in the cyphers
Peace God

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Songwriter(s): Knowledge The Pirate, Roc Marciano
Record Label(s): 2013 The UN Music
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