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Roc Marciano


Secrets Lyrics

Yeah baby, I'm back
Yeah, I need you to come wit' me, baby
Hop in this GT thing wit' me
And as we ride off into the night, put your head in my lap

[Verse 1]
Uh, been to Gran Turismo, fishbowl
Across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
Can't get friendzoned in the end zone
Shells from the Mac-10 blow, hit your glass window
Hear the shots crescendo
Thirty-clip extendo turn your skin cold
Spit the illest flows in Kenneth Coles
Well here it goes
Visions of getting Joes in my pimpish clothes
Wrist is frigid, my thick bitch from Memphis is pigeon-toed (uh)
Wrist is frigid, my thick bitch from Memphis is pigeon-toed
This is livin', kicks is lizard, whips is six figures or bigger
Not your typical nigga, I'm particular
Articulate, I talk and the check get cut
This is considered literature, but niggas never read a book
Tell 'em look (look)
We can get em booked (booked)
Ask for the blow, we could push it raw or sell it cooked (cooked)
Hop in the Porsche 911, all you smell is kush (smell it)
I just ball in Margielas like I'm seven foot, baby look (baby, look)

I know
It's time to go
I just want you to roll wit' me (come on, come out tonight)
Recline your seat (recline your seat)
I need you to try to see (try to see)
I just want you to roll wit' me (come on, come on, come on)
I just want you to roll wit' me (Come on come out tonight)

[Verse 2]
Uh, a baby, your fruits, and wine for you (uh)
Jamaican wine for you, make some time for you (a lot)
Ride or die for you, do or die for you
Put my pride aside for you (aside for you), the function not for you (uh-uh)
She's a dime, daily massage at the spas
Where olive oil ballers spend dollars on you
Put designer on you, Prada, Dolce & Gabanna on you
Live wit' honor, don't compromise your morals
That kind of life too normal for you (uh)
Soccer mom truck, Shorkie dog food
You rather twirl spliffs than whip a sports coupe (sports coupe)
Like my Cuban ho, she from L.A, came in as a runaway
Now it's Hummers and bubb-a-lay
Fendi runners, different color wigs
Vera Wang bikinis, pretty summer days
Telling brothers you was engaged (lyin')
Ain't that a motherf*ckin' shame? You said you was with Lorraine
You was clubbing with Puff and gang (ha)
Puffin' haze, sniffing grade-A yay out in the open like it's '88 (psh)
Lady, you claim to change your shady ways
But it's safe to say that you ain't shaded, baby wait, baby wait
(Come on come out tonight)

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Songwriter(s): Roc Marciano
Record Label(s): 2018 Marci Enterprises
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