Robert De Boron


Home Lyrics (feat. Tunji)

[Hook] (x2)
When I wake up
And the sunshine hits my face
I remember
When you weren't so far away
And I wish that you were here with me
So won't you come home again? (home again)
Won't you come home again? (home again)

[Verse 1 - Tunji]
Yo, I still remember the night that you told me that you were leaving
I felt like I stopped breathing that fateful November evening
You said I was a cheater, who finds em, smashes, and leaves em
You friends feeding you lies, baby, and you still believe em
But that ain't me baby, nah that ain't me baby
I'm just a dreamer, what you get is what you see baby
I was your Clark Gable, you was my leading lady
So why would I change the script up and change the scene? crazy
I was your leading actor, you was my Cleopatra
Now I'm rethinking the past, repeating the scene backwards
It's funny how they secretly envy
But wanna smile up in your face and act friendly

[Bridge - Tunji]
They telling lies about me, hoping they could screw us up
Because they jealous of the love between the two of us
I still can't believe that you're gone
You always said you loved my music, so I made you this song
Come on


[Verse 2 - Tunji]
My homies told me that I should move on and try to recover
But they don't get the connection we have between each other
Flipping through my phone and I always land on your number
Type a message, then delete it, then write it back and I wonder
If I should send it, but there ain't no point in walking that same road
And if you love em, you should leave em, how the saying goes
I just can't believe we came to an end
I ain't the type to point the finger but I blame on your friends
Yeah, your girl said that she saw me on the street
With a pretty fine thing, with Louboutins on her feet
But I swear she's just a friend
Yeah, that girl is just a friend


[Hook] (x2)

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