RJ For Mayor Lyrics

Now I can see that niggas ain't really feelin' this spot I'm in
I can see that (RJ)
But you know what...
I ain't trippin'

[Verse 1]
Keep a couple hunnid dollars in your archive
Black boy, white keys, no apartheid
I used to sell them sacks at my part time
Movin' while I'm rollin' through the forty like a dark side
It ain't what you say in LA
If you've got it, you showin' it off
I ride for whats real, I did mine in the field
So you know who to call
They want my mind under scopes but I lost that
Drop a O, lost 12 had to call back
Cookies far from the smell, call contact
I linked the rights to all my sales in a contract
They want a nigga fall off like December
But I can smoke the second O without a swisher
Ain't no room for a sometimes nigga
I hope you catchin' every punch line, nigga
Lil nigga

I been out here too long, shit changed on me
Been a long time since a nigga banged on me
I still wake up in them sweats, with the thang on me
Fully automatic, hard to manage cause the system want me dead
I can see that (can see that)
But if you're lookin' for the mayor I can be that (can be that)
I'mma be that
[Verse 2]
I'm ten toes in this joint folds
They poke they nose in my business like they snortin' dope
Creepin' on me
I'mma sleep 'em like some norcos
Tryna sneak my niggas in before the doors close
Open up your eyes and get some Benz keys
Put your feelin's to the side, it's the men's league
The power lines, colour blind once the ends meet
So soft sales got slow, had to cook up blow
What a nigga dont know, thats a gold mine
His momma sent him to the store, during war time
But once he step up out the door, it's the frontline
When niggas souls to console mine, but who am I?
M R L A rappers tailgatin' (RJ)
Courtside halftime dodgin' shell casin's
Hunnid twenty five thousand for the bell
Ten percent of that is twelve racks
I'm in a holdin' cell waitin' (oou)
PD crooked in the sheriff race
It dont matter nigga, black cops too, they got a deep hate
And the damn judge, tryna be in Congress soon
That's why the DA run the whole court room
Oou, you just woke up, you late
I work like I play, I cook up a souffle
With a gun on my waist. keep a A for my face
I ain't (ayy), offer nothin' nigga blade
I need red on my strings
I need blue in my bank
Brand new shoes for my babe
f*ck you and your face
Here in your tricky situation
And the 77 police station
Street motivation (motivation, motivation)

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Songwriter(s): RJmrLA
Record Label(s): 2015 OMMIO
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