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[Intro: Rizzoo Rizzoo and Ugly God]
Flavor God
Ugly God
(Jrag on the beat)
Ayy, ayy

[Verse 1: Ugly God and Rizzoo Rizzoo]
I can't f**k that ho if that bitch lookin' hit
I been stackin' my bread, give a f**k 'bout a bitch
When you suck on my dick, bitch, you better not spit
Never been pussy, don't play with my witch
And I'm riding one deep, never been in the mix
Nigga play with me, get popped like a zit
Bitch, I stay ready, this Glock on my hip
Bring that bitch to the back and she drop on the whip (Cuttin' up)

[Verse 2: Rizzoo Rizzoo]
Ain't none of these niggas gon' touch me (No)
We in the field like we playing rugby
I'm blowing gas and it stink like it's musty
Flew the bitch to Alaska, now she want a husband
My guys are so brazy, they shoot up the function
That foreign outdated, that bitch getting rusty
And that lean not clean, nigga, that's Robitussin
If you not with the business, your chain gettin' tooken

[Verse 3: Ugly God]
Niggas get popped off the rip just for lookin'
That bitch for the gang, nigga, I ain't no rookie
I'm in the H blowin' exotic cookie
Made a bitch do my work, I was out playin' hooky
I get to the bread every day of the week
When she turn around, bitches know I'ma beat
Bitch, I been in the field but I don't got on cleats
Bitch, I'm a dog, baby, give me that treat

[Verse 4: Rizzoo Rizzoo]
Just blew his re-up on some new sneaks
I might get a nigga hit like I'm Boosie
Get his lips cut 'cause he's talking loosely
And all my friends dead like I'm Lil Uzi
Two bad bitches eat me up in the jacuzzi
I just rocked out a show and then jumped in a coochie
And I'm from the North where you keep a tooly
You reach for my chain, you get put on the news

[Verse 5: Ugly God]
You reach for my shit and get put on the news
I don't like to argue, I keep this shit cool
Her mouth full of dick and my wrist full of jewels
Don't care if you taken, I'll beat up your dude
Way back in the gap, mama ain't have no food
It depends how I'm feeling, I go with my mood
Not Bob the Builder, but I keep me a tool
That drank in my cup, but her cup full of booze (Stupid bitch)

[Verse 6: Rizzoo Rizzoo]
I'm outside tryna find where the opps at
I'ma shoot first, ain't no getting shot at
Hundreds in my pants, got it looking like a thighpad
How I'm ballin' on niggas, could've played for the Rockets
And he ready to snitch, Tekashi
And all of my bitches is tropic
That lil' shit that you flexin', stop it
I might kick that nigga ass like Mr. Miyagi (It's hot)

[Outro: Rizzoo Rizzoo]
Y'all know what the f**kin' goin' down
Rizzoo Rizzoo, Rizzoo Rizzoo cuttin' up, it's hot
(Jrag on the beat)

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Songwriter(s): Rizzoo Rizzoo, Ugly God
Record Label(s): 2020 The Sauce Familia Create Music Group Inc
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