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Still Movin'
Rich The Kid


Still Movin' Lyrics

[Intro: Rich The Kid]
Yeah, I like this one
Ayo, Eli, what the f*ck?
(A Lau on the beat)

[Verse 1: Rich The Kid & Fivio Foreign]
I got the Glock in the party, nigga move wrong, I'm bustin' the .40
Ride up in, then get a band to my shorty
Popped his brain now any mind, I'm on it (What?)
I give a nine for a ten-pack (Uh)
He missed the first time, spin back
He'll blow it on peaker, call back
Start the beat, gotta wait a minute (Yeah, for real)
Then got it on rap (Haha), I came home from trappin'
Hundred bricks, still movin' (Yeah)
Bedrock (Uh), I put the bitch in a headlock (Uh)
Most of my confidence dead stopped (Uh, yeah, look, uh)
[Interlude: Fivio Foreign]
Lеt's do it (Haha)
The hardest niggas not stoppin' us, yeah (Nah)
I'll go on thе run, but I'm too popular, look (Look, uh)
I'll go on the—, look, huh, yeah (I'm too popular)

[Verse 2: Fivio Foreign]
Hop in a— (Skrrt), police behind us, them niggas not stoppin' us (Nah)
I'll go on the run, but I'm too popular (Lil' bitch)
We got like three or four Glocks with us
Get that feelin' we bringin' the mob with us
I be low, 'cause they fiendin' to lock somethin'
We sellin' Percs, when I wake 'em, I cop 'em up (Yeah)
Uh (Uh), yeah (Yeah), can't find him, we shootin' his father (Boom)
Uh (Boom), yeah (Yeah), niggas'll die if they comin' to bother us (Boom)
Like, huh (Yeah), huh, you niggas don't know what you started up (Nah)
Huh, yeah, only the drillers could get in the car with us (Skrrt)
She give me head when she comin' to V
Back out the—, uh, and I cum on the seats
I tell the driver "Don't look back, nigga
It ain't nothin' to see" (Look, woo)
Huh, yeah (Yeah), I spend mad money on my feet (I did)
Look, huh, yeah, I spend mad money on my feet

[Verse 3: Jay Critch]
And I gotta ride with it under the seat (Boom)
Run up on me and you diamonds can peak (Two)
I'm in the crib with a couple of freaks
And they stay on the bed, like they stuck to the sheets (Hey)
I ran it up, and I'm still the hood favorite
I'm always showin' that love to the streets
And you know brodie be stuck to the heat
If he let it off, gon' up a degree (Damn)
Tell her bend over, she touch her knees (Ayy)
Give her dick and now she thinkin' 'bout it
Niggas really p*ssy, when I think about it
I just poured the Sprite and now it's pink around it
I came a long way, used to hit a stain
Shit still crazy, when I think about it (Yeah)
Oh, he think he tough, well, my shooter's crazy
Nigga, don't you even go and blick around it (Dirty, dirty)
Water on me, like I'm sick of rhymin' (Ayy)
'Member niggas tried to jump ship
Well, let them niggas go and send around me
Drop a bag, have a shooter side
Go skate on 'em, at the rink around 'em
Diamonds movin', like rope bounce
Bad lil' bitch with her toes out
She pull up and suck souls out (Hey)

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Songwriter(s): Rich The Kid, Fivio Foreign, Jay Critch

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