Rumor Lyrics

(Chorus) I Know How It Feels To Be The Man Outta No
Walk Inside The Mall And Yo Fans Come Outta No Where
Nah We Aint , But Yall C Safe
Let Dem Cricket Niggas Walk , && Dawg We Straight !
Im Sittin At The Top Of Every List Oh My ,
Money Growin Wings And The Sky Don't Fly
&& If I Cant Stand Around Ya , Ima Run Rite Through Ya
Errbody Know A Nigga Name We The Rumor

(Verse 1: Babe Kaelub) Uhh , I Buss A Left N' Tell Em
C Safe
Damn Right Im Proud ,
I Fed My Family Off A Mixtape (Straight Like That!)
I Copped A Couple Whips && Furnished Up The Driveway
Early Monday Mornin' , Gettin' Paid Like Friday
Makin' Love To The Money , I Might Just Birth A Dollar
&& We Been Eatin' So Damn Good , I Might Just Burp A
Expensive Life , The Jewels && The Porsches
Jeans Wit Double R's , Took The Trues From The Horses
Aye Fix Ya Posture In My Office , I'm The Man Now
A Hundred Thousand Autograph Fa My Fans Now
&& If I Ain't A Rich Kid , Low'll Betcha
Sabo Tell Ma Pick Out A House , #It Ain't No Pressure !


(Verse 2: Skateboard Skooly) I Guess I'm In It To Win
It ,
I Spit Real Words , I Ain't Never Wrote A Sentence
Money$$ Growin While I Eat , Pockets On Spinach
&& I'm Tryna Set A World Record In The Book Of World
Or Either Its Book Of World Records
I Wish That I Was In It
But One Day I'll Be In It (One Day)
&& One Day I'll Be Winnin'
Shit , I'm Winnin Right Now
Its Beginning Right Now
I Made My First Hunned Thousand , I Can Spend It Right Now
But That Was Only Fa'Sho , && I Aint Een Signed
But I Cant Picture These People On The Air 4 All My Rhymes
But Time Will Tell , A Moment's Just Fine
My Sexy Women Pin It Picture , Turn A Diamond To a 9 !


(Verse 3: Young Thug) Listen To Me Closely , I'm Ill
Yeah The Beat Is Kinda Dunn , But Its Not A Dill &&
I Got On MJ's , But I Have A Thrill For Leanin' Pills
&& I'm Kinda The General , No Mills
Weed Without Sticks && Seeds , I Will spend My Last
Ya Have A Hunned Racks Or Betta , I May Use a Mask For
&& If Yhu Triple Yo Money Wit Wick , Wdf You Need a
Glass For
&& If You Are A Taker , Wdf You Need To Ask For
Don't Ask For Shit Around Me
I Know You Niggas Piss But Aint Shittin' Round Me
I Know they Miss They Bitch But Aint Hittin Round Me
I'm Like Stop Them Traffic , They Cant Get From Round


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