Dreamer Lyrics

Look, ayy
A lot of people got fear of makin' mistakes
Thinkin' about all the criticism they'll face
I don't sleep well, got a lot of shit on my plate
But that same shit keepin' me wake makin' me great
Talk to the moon when nobody listen
Back when I didn't have shit, bro, I had vision
I heard every word you said, it's just not hittin'
I wrote all of my shit down and it's non-fiction
That's why I hit 'em like a uppercut
I put in way too many hours to be runner up
I know everybody quick to tell you get your money up
But get your self love up too
'Cause it hit a little different when you love you
Nah for real
I wanted therapy and got a lil' clarity when on Sway with Dr. Phil
Then slapped the f*ck outta myself to make sure life is real
Sometime it trips me out, I don't know how to feel
I think I'm desensitized, don't know how to feel
Niggas is traumatized, like when Bugzy died
It ain't real yet, you were just on the other line
You was at my Atlanta show, bro, it never failed
When it was done we did dinner, bro, me, you and Shell
You was tellin' me what your goals is
Tellin' me I gotta write it down and stay focused
Had a couple plans we was finna put in motion
I wish I would have gave you your roses
I wish I...
Wouldn't have catted the times I acted like a big shot
I could have kicked it out more often for a chip shot
I wish I did
It'll be a learning lesson that I implement
Sending all my love to the infinite
Sending all my love...

I close my eyes
Just to feel the things I can't see, no
(Just to feel all the things I can't see)
Dreamer, I've been dreaming
Dreamer, I can't keep my feet in the ground
Dreamer, I've been dreaming
I need a sign to show a way
I let go and float away
Away, away
Away, away
Away, away
I need a sign to show a way
I let go and float away

The point of the story is that you don't know how things are going to turn out
Sometimes we appear making premature conclusions "Ah, this is so bad, this is just too bad"
And don't wait
Trust life and you'll see
The more quiet you are, the more you see things as they really are
And when you see things as they are
Then your heart will be filled with gratitude
And you're growing wisdom for that
We're always, the mind is always active prematurely
Always too quick to make judgement
And always missing [?]
So what may seem sometimes to be life-[?] challenging
If you keep quiet to start you'll see your mind will open up and work in another way
And you begin to see the, the beauty
That, uh, perhaps when you're in a so called better situation you will not be appreciative...

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