What's It Gon'be
Rex Razor


What's It Gon'be Lyrics

Written by Richard Shekari, performed by Rex Razor

You gotta define the side you belong, in your dreams and in the eyes of men
Wake up from your sleep, there`s no neutral ground in this war.
You`re either with God or against him. We all wanna stay alive and problem free.
But are you willing to live and die for the right reason, for the right cause. Are you on the right path? Yeah, Rex Razor, shit`s getting major
What`s it gon be, is it God or the devil, you gotta choose your master homie
No neutral ground
What`s it gon`be is it God or the devil, you gotta choose your master
Baby, no neutral ground
The choice is yours and so are the consequences
The battle`s deep within you, how strong`s your defences
Wish i`d switch places with the dead
Eat from the same plate with them angels and the saints up in heaven
I aint looking for some love, I just wanna free the doves
They creeping in my shadow when I turn they`d be gone
My shit`s round the world, specimen for these suckers
Attacked me in my sleep trying to make ma heart bleed
My trust lies with God, my love for you all. Homie stab me in the back,
I will never be surprised, i`ve been hated since birth, shit they treated me like dirt
Them teachers never liked me, and these preachers wanna lynch me
I rather follow God in the dark, blindfolded than to hold your hands yeah
With my eyes open, they looking in the telescope trying to prove nothing,
Go look in the mirror, The fool`s standing there.
I went from a fool, to definition of cool
I don`t need a good look, I just need a good book
I once was a kid prior to that never here
The future maybe brighter but it`s really not clear
Homie don`t you worry, tell God to take the wheels
I know times are hard, everyday seemed tougher
You gotta play smart, man you gotta be wise
Say no to quick riches, you gon`lose something greater
Forget the drugs, they will only make you dumber, only smile at them gurls
Cause your soul`s most important
The shit wont be easy, stay legit and take it easy
They will lay traps and to blind you they`ll clap
The pain will make you stronger, tough times will make you tougher
You gon`make a lot of friends
Too many fake friends, a lot of nice gurls but believe me they`re all pretenders
Be careful with them preachers and them teachers with your ears

It`s all about your soul, you gotta stand tall
Amma fight to the end, God with me?
That depends,
To face these snakes, I don`t need no stake
Your spirit they`ll break and your peace they`ll take
See, shorty tried to trap me so she spread her pretty legs
Talking bout, how much gurl you got in the bank
Dressed in red she pretend like she`s a friend
I sensed she was coming, so I laid a little trap
Shorty got some information homie that I need.
Only one question, does God exists?
You claimed you`re a man but he scoped you like a chick
he claimed he knows secrets but to me he`s full of shit
I know i`m gonna surfer, baby amma die smiling
Still love you homie even though you back stabbed me
Why are you trying to deposit my soul in your bank
Look at my chest, heaven gave me a new rank.
Prelude: I know life`s hard, yeah yeah, you gotta wake up from your sleep
Wake up from your sleep, get down on your knees. Who do you believe?

what`s it gon`be
You can`t make snow fall in hell, who cares about greatness in the eyes of men, pain is part of my life I am human
You and I know who`s the loser.
So, what`s it gon be homie
Are you with God or against God?
Whether you`re rich or poor, black or white, wise or foolish?
Beautiful or ugly
Life will never be problem free homie
Rex Razor, shit`s getting major

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