That's Love Lyrics

(spoken) You can do pretty much whatever you want. You can f**k my ass. =
(Oh my GOD! Jeez!) You can cum in my mouth. (Ohh, Lord!) Whatever =
you want to do. Just keep it out of my hair.
Now that's love (big dick in your mouth all day)
We can do an eight and you can lick the crabs off my nuts
I'll see how far I can stick this liquor bottle up your butt
You can say I got a little weenie and I'll call you a slut
I'll go up in you like a boar hog to a poor sow
For mood music, Kool Moe Dee (how you like me now?)
Bury your face in my anus, girlie, tell me if it smells foul
Lick on my hemmoroids and I'll fart in your mouth
I'll handcuff your ankles behind your neck, your feet behind your head
Watch you waddle on the floor when I push you off the bed (help me up!)
I'll get on all fours naked, you can foot me in the ass with your bare-foot
I can hold a cigarette between my nuts and smoke it with my butt
Now that's love
I want to f**k you in your boo boo
Now that's love
You know I love you, clean my pee pee
Now tha's love
Let me see your brown tunnel, baby, you know how we go
Now that's love
I want you to jack my pee pee with your feet
Here's a Sprite, spread your legs
Wow, look at the beautiful butterfly
What's that smell? Are you alive?
How much did those breasts cost?
They kinda look like rims
Can I put 'em on my Benz?
How would you like to ride my dorsal fin? (Welcome to Sea World!)
Living sick, could stomach bungee fish
Beat you with a dish
I think I can see your brain through your cervix
Would you like me to buff your ass?
Cum in your wine glass?
If you feel that I love you, I promise you it won't last
Serve butthole
The Big Kahuna of Tuna
Suck a banana out my butt
Wrapped in celophane
While I bite the window pane
Let's have babies with nine heads
I got the razor blade, baby come to bed
Now that's love
I want to piss in your eye
Now that's love
I want to drag my testicles across your buttcrack
Now that's love
Can I put my toe in your booty?
Now that's love
Please don't thump my nuts that hard, baby
Come 'ere gal, lemme shove this shank cock up in you
A pinch is all it takes, li'l girl
Ahhh, I'll f**king rock your f**king toenails off
You ain't never seen a rod like this since the last issue of that car
magazine, you damn down freak
Now that's love
I want to sop your pussy with a bisquit
Now that's love
I want to ram my turd in your puss
Now that's love
Can I eat chicken off your navel?
Now that's love
Is that a menstrual cycle I see
Now that's love
Wanna give a big shout out to all the skank strippers that gotta
Now that's love
Lisa gotta, Sheila gotta
Now that's love
Peaches gotta, Porsche gotta
Now that's love
Who the f**k stays, Mercedes gotta

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