Park Place & Board Walk Lyrics

We To Live – we to live - Nigga we to live –
f**k you bitch ass niggas, one of you Bitch ass
niggas gone get something – I tried to tell you we
stay gangsta –

Hoping that a nigga see this shit
about to come & seed you –
Bitch I bet grow you up to a Newport
you little tramp – I got something for
you - picturing the focus – and nigga know
I’m about to be picturing folks – leaving
niggas they acting like dorks – holding
they hands and I don’t know them shorts
– don’t give em shorts on my cigarette
no – niggas better think about this shit –
cause I’m popping niggas – and
leaving them @ they front door –
niggas better think about this
for the come and getting this
shadow(shatter) it’s classic
–nigga better watch this cause I mastered
anything – guess what – f**k Jesus –
ha - pop these niggas I breathe em –
hope these niggas don’t never believe em –
thinking they can come and get me and
say that they god – guess what I kill you bitch –
I think of that muthaf**kin nigga –
think about how many niggas I done ran
threw – niggas better think about how
they human – I don’t trust the way
god let them do it – bitch I’ll pop
both of em - leaving these niggas
holding closely roasted – nigga you
better think about this shit – cause somebody
gonna make it all the way through this song –
Bitch you better be listing too popping you
niggas in nutrition – holding this shit cause
I’m about to wash these f**king Dishes:

Hold On to your f**king seat – hold on to your seat –
don’t let that seat go - Hold on to your seat –
Hold on to your seat – hold on to your seat
Bitch don’t let that seat go –

Percussion flipping into the next one-
nigga I think they running – nigga
you better be thinking cause I’m
thinking about myself as one hundred
– when I come for you by myself –
I got something to wait for the case –
niggas know better hope – cause I might
get your girl – then I rape her – bitch
I ain’t playing no games – it ain’t about
no date or no friendship for nothing –
you can think that you coming to
get me for whatever a bitch did in
your life in past – bitch I got something
for you – I split your naturally black ass –
it don’t even matter who is the world
color – nigga I’ll pop you nigga I’ll
smother – any nigga – you better be
keeping your seat before I blow your
f**king head off – if you you Get your bitch ass up –
I’m thinking about what
the f**k you thinking about – niggas
better be thinking this; I don’t wanna
hear shit out of your muthaf**king off –
so you better just leave that shit too
your soul – or you moving your self
and I’m gone kill you – I’m out

Damn Keep your seat – keep your seat –
keep your seat - keep your seat –
you better keep your seat – keep yo seat –
keep yo seat –you better keep your seat –

It’s like a gumball machine – I reach into
you with the claws – then pull you out –
then eat your f**king bitch ass – you niggas
better think about this because I got the heat
fast – if a nigga think they gone try to get to
slim fast – know you better do something
better there to lose that f**king weight –
the next one that I’m gonna take – out of
this muthaf**king earth –leave you niggas
with a curse – guess what I’m embursing
on you niggas – quicker than certain –
niggas better think about round circles
certs –I’ll blow you up out of your shirt –
never use a concert – bitch I never need
that shit – I ain’t changing and f**k you
and your family – I’ve been having my
life my whole entire years on my ages –
f**k you and whatever you think – gotta
change to be by you f**king bitch – guess
what - I been hitting these streets and doing
this shit already hoe – that’s for one of them
muthuf**kas – that I thought –was in my
family bitch – I don’t even trust none of
you niggas – I don’t give a f**k cause I’ve
been doing that shit – niggas better be
thinking about this you would’ve been
coming to my house for nothing hoe –
niggas you better be thinking about
shit – I’m about to muthaf**king go

(Get) Keep Your seat – keep your seat -
keep your seat – keep your seat –
guess what – keep your seat -
keep your seat – keep your seat –
keep your seat – nigga you better
keep your seat –

Holding on to my f**king feelings –
thinking about what were my feelings –
thinking that you wanna know on my
feeling – and I think that you know
what you did – so when I see you –
I smack that shit out of you bitch –
why would you play – I don’t care
I’m just A pimp – why would you see
into my eyes – you stupid SIMP -
I’ll be a simp – S.I.M.P

Ah if I was you muthaf**kas –
I would keep my muthaf**king seat –
when it comes to regardless devon
victory – I’m gone tell you why –
that nigga ain’t to be f**ked with –
on some real shit – Go ahead
and Pop him – kidnap him –try try
whatever you can – cause anything
you try – I’m gone end up being
strong on my fist – (gun) We Out…

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