Hang It Up Lyrics

"Tryin to get ahold of these merchants...But they aint'
ever answerin'
man...always busy. They never heard of call waiting or
I need that beat like NOW man"

It's goin down now, time to step up like escalators
The hell with debating, every phrase will blaze ya
Forget them underestamators, Im' a just let 'em hate
every letter I sprays for my A clique
The case is you claimin you want some fast lane shit
Face it your ass still stuck back in the eighties.
You need to hang it up, quit raggin & naggin
My shit blastin I'm fatter than Jabba the Hut
I HAD ENOUGH sick of you so called stars
soundin the same, soundin lame, rip ya out of ya frame
I had it up to here with the bullshit up in my
Rappers actin queer
Cooler than rockin moon boots & sippin milkshakes with
the iceman
You couldn't be big if you was your wife's ass
Couldn't be dope if you was THC
Couldn't be clever with a PHD, feelin me?

Hang it up, Red's here, Hang it up
comin through Im' a rock ya block
Hang it up, Red's here, Hang it up
It's all over when my shit drop
Hang it up, Red's here, Hang it up
Get Up, Get drunk, Get some..c'mon
Hang it up, Red's here, Hang it up
Get back, times up, ya done

Now you couldn't be hot with ya head in the oven

When I drop shit your whole block needs new plummin
You like runnin your mouth, I like humpin your spouse
Rappin and actin like a f**kin disturbed man,
guzzling bourbon while I'm rubbin your girlfriend
The wordsmith, known as th R-E-D
Keepin the Hella stinky up in Helsinki
UK Garage needs to stay in the garage
After I'm through it's gone just like a mirage
Find me, Danni & Kylie in a manage a trois
Puffin a lot of the la la la la
Sick of these wack rappers tryin to rhyme
when they better off hidin like they bin laden
Blue? (who?) I need you like I need SARS
Mess with the R-E...end up in the E-R


You doin show business like wrestling is
I ruin yo business if you messin with this
a yo my flows (???ness) the incredabilist
AA don't get no better than this

Think you the credabilist when you sippin
yo chris beverages don't really make a difference bitch
you think you big time but never the less you
smaller than victoria beckam's breastasis
You think you all set for bling bling and by this
track spinnin it be killin you ching chingin now
Let it be heard I'm flippin the bird now
The bigger your bubble, the bigger it burst now
I bet that my word be spreadin like syphliss germs
the last hope in this hypocrite world now
Think it's a joke? What I look like I laugh?
You look funny tryin to walk with a foot in yo ASS!

(chorus 2x)

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