Evil Thoughts Lyrics

i walk off and see demons in my dreams
seekin for children who be weepin
nothin i can do now that im sleepin
many of them is seepin in blood and fiendin
nobody knows what im thinkin
and nobody knows tha whole meanin
broken shoulders and knees now you believin
god neva seen me even though im an arch angel bleedin
lookin for someone gleamin
killin off the season
4 a phukkin reason
to get you in a cezure and grievin
sorry theres no offer of treason
especially since im succeedin
exceedin as an executioner
wit loose nooses to rip right through
yacked out off allotta booze
seduced by the devils recrcuit
but now i got medusa to excuse you

evil thoughts is what i got
red assassins gun is blastin
evil thoughts put you in a coma
red assassin aint about action

you neva can produce
gangstas to shoot
as lon as they all true
give orders from the leada
then they'll neva see ya
im in the gutta as a gunna
killin #s 1 2 & 3 stunnas
rippin off drug runnas
my one man mission
to give lasts breaths wit death
searchin for the stressed
then phukk the rest
when we blast at your chest
penetrating twice as fast through that vest
just let the lead of my bullet express
then compress your organs
as we're wrapping cords around you neck
eyes clothes his breath lets go

evil thoughts is what i got

let him drop to the floor
see you in hell in a few centuries or so red assassins gun is blastin
evil thoughts put in a coma
red assassin aint about action

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