How It Feels Lyrics

It's so hard to explain
But it's one thing for sure baby

How do it feel? x5

[Verse 1]
These niggas used to laugh at us
Now the experts is talkin about our draft status
I fall throughout from them hallways and them track addicts
Piss puddles, syringe needles and glass shattered
A mad tan and my scars hurt
I guess that proves that I'm on God's earth
Pain, torture and hard work
Main sources beyond earth, these hoes found they interest
I pull them chains out like it's fourth down in inches, yeah
I've been going for a couple years
Which I've been doing for these couple years
Now I'm back, I know you f*ckin scared
I know you mad that I'm up in here, yeah
I've escaped them state bars
But now my punches is kinda rusty like Tyson after his rape charge
My eyes shut like Jamie depicted Ray Charles
But I can see clearly them forces that showed me, thanks God
Oh Lord, why do I spit so vividly?
Is this the very reason why these bricks don't mimic me?
You just don't get it B, these niggas don't deserve their life
Rest in peace to my comrades that murdered mic's
Stacks – my comrade that murdered mic's
They gave me more time than that comrad that murdered Mike
Throughout the years I've noticed the game changing
I say I'm born in the 60's, they thinkin I'm gangbangin
Nah, I'm just rollin up a little sour
Little money, little respect, a little power
They found ways to pierce through this little armor on me
Agitate me, degrade me, then press charges on me I keep it quiet for my friends sake
Was brought to the state pen but I turned it to pent state
I had to learn from the school of the Hard Knox
To get the note of beauty and jewelry in large gaps yeah
I've been sittin for a couple years
Which I've been spending for these couple years, damn
Think I've been trippin for these couple years
Ran is back, that is music to my f*ckin ears

[Verse 2]
Ain't no reason you should applaud that
I'm just a nigga that's gonna bring the east coast its balls back
Pause that, of course that's that boss rap
I'm headin for the level where Nas, Jay and Los at
Pardon me but the game is like an authority
Going back ain't a option, that's why I'm rappin retartedly
Ain't no passion apaling me, I'm stingy like a third grader
Beauty elastics, I'll probably cop me a fur later
Huh, Feragamo's in them served flavors
Susanelli spend a 1000 on a third blazer
How I get it, believe me, it's not the lottery
I'm fresh out of prison, already I have commodity
Huh, where was you out when I was lockin it?
Barely no oxygen, thought I had lots of friends
Huh, hard to breathe in the atmosphere
Who can voice they opinion and say that was fair?
Couple times I caught myself being happy there
Then I woke up and realized why they strapped me there
The books been open but now I'm hopin to end it
The future is my gift so let me open my present

How do it feel? x5

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Songwriter(s): Ransom
Record Label(s): 2013 Showoff Presidential
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