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What Would You Do?
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What Would You Do? Lyrics

f*ck, know who you talkin' to man

What would you do?
When the errors outweigh the trials but you don't melt in the fire
What would you do?

[Verse 1]
Honesty has dementia, poverty has it's splinters
Submerged trauma always remembers but son a warrior
Pats on your back like “yo Rad, you need to relax”
Like you ain't have to give up just that to go be victorious
Of course I had dolores, doubled down to get Deloreans
The torch comes with a shortage, hustle now to keep your story lit
Your porch already knows you now be out to California
Do I die a hometown homebody or search for more?
What would you do? They always scrutinize the who's who
Malcolm after the Zoot suit
The FEDS harassing Billy Holiday after “Strange Fruit” and she ain't pass soot-proof
Jampack your parade but you play Solitaire at your funeral
I soak up slaughter, most left within a poem
And walk on water off sweat equity alone
But since fear is the battery for fatality
At any moment you Google Map shorty he packin‘ Chrome
What would you do?
Odds ain't in your favor, they point shaving
I still bring the chip to my city like Walt Frazier
Evade danger from the black mask
Half Raider half Darth Vader
Paper gangsters with intent to leave you nameless
Most nicest, less ices, father stretch my bands
Money pilate night shifts from here to Bethlehem
Braggadocio hustlers selling this lost art
Pistachio suckers fear God less than a lost job
What would you do?
What would you do?
When the errors outweigh the trials but you don't melt in the fire
What would you do? you do? you do?

[Verse 2]
Sheesh, little to no grief when you falling
Smith and Wesson your profession, only the willow weeps
Bit the apple like Steve
Die jobless but enormous
No mercy, no warning, all on Oscar Brown's beach uh
St. Peter's Basilica whisperer, I'm in deep uh
Blowing money fast like Meech ‘till I'm impeached uh
Your karma catches up abnormal and non-cordial
Those roses they throw on you get backpedaled discreet uh
Don Corleone at the soirée with the long gaze
What would you do? Ignore beef and get sautéed?
Warrior of the Light won the fight but then lost grace
Nah, Warrior of the Light get you sniped for his fiancée
Wise as Naval in Nepal with the future in my palms
I'm not Jesus you got the pseudonyms wrong
Beautiful and brutal is God
Statues for those that used to be strong
Clap at you intrusive and calm
On my balcony tonight over the koi fish pond
Hit the Deustches with the royalties not Louis Vuitton
Drag my name through the mud
Time proves that I'm spotless
Can't pay me back in blood, let it feast on your conscious
I made more off the stocks than the raps bro
Why it feels like all I have is this Hasbro?
I disappear like Elisa at Cecil, then come back as an easel
Despite the evil we're beautiful people
I don't lose limbs when the liabilities in limbo
Medicaid ain't cover your therapist, got the Citgo
Ride through Hidden Hills house shopping like a nympho
Since we couldn't afford a Pinto
Stayed in the mix, major's the risk, blatant and fixed, playlist abyss
Dangerous in bliss, daisy's and wimps to basil and fish
He was too proud to ask for help so I made the assist
I never played the fence, never playing the bench
What would you do?
What would you do?

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Songwriter(s): Radamiz, Jacobi

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