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Aromatherapy Lyrics (feat. City James)

[Verse 1: Radamiz]
Retail therapy, Aromatherapy, Visa therapist
How much it cost for your disloyalty? I'm curious
If you love somebody, at least assume in their favor
Still ain't lose my accent with millionaires as my neighbors
That's facts
Rolls Royce my carousel 'round the map
I'm detached, from all the plaques and rings with strings attached
I'm back, I'm back on my bully, no insecurities
Thirty thousand in a hoodie with no scams, I'm not a rookie
No more scrambling for your temporary acceptance
My happiness don't always mirror the profession
But Brodie we blessed
The things that made me unique were my imperfections
Make it from failed interrogations to being a Jeopardy question
Do you follow my brain's directions?
You need to do some dumb sometimes to get the wisdom
My past on re-run sometimes to peep the slip ups
I talk to Kevin Durant at times what's this life I'm living?
Parlay with Oscar winners, still on the block I'm chillin
Retail therapy, Aromatherapy, Visa therapist
How much it cost for your disloyalty? I'm curious
Is your complacency worth more than your royalty? I'm serious
That night we spoke for 3 hours, Joe Rogan Experience, yo
The throne that God prepared for us is custom fit
Drinking liquid gold, 14k drench the upper lip
There is not one soul on Mother Nature that can f*ck with this
I toughened up from days I had enough of this
Concrete jungle tree bark was what my back was up against
I seen hundreds of tits, lived hundreds of bouts
Drank hundreds of bottles, hundred years on a couch
Hundred hours of prayers, hundred thousand amounts
Thought that I was lost, then my music you found
I don't do this like a clown or like I'm using a crown
Simultaneously universal, still for the town
Here to change the world a couple ways, it's music for now

[Verse 2: City James]
I'll tell you how I know God's will is working
He put me up on game
That's deeper than surface
I ain't runnin' back from that cause that defeats the purpose
Never see me nervous
Shining like I keep on splurging
Wildin' out in public, they gon' love it once they see me on
I ain't one to puppet
We gon' up it
If you don't leave me 'lone
Yeah, if you don't leave me 'lone
Retail therapy, aromatherapy, visa therapist
Room full of niggas
A mirror only thing that's scaring us
Room full of triggers
Guess this what God prepared for this
My niggas always there for me
My bitch she always....

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Songwriter(s): Radamiz, City James, mixMP

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