Get Down Lyrics

the hottest LP
i smoke em one by one
collapsed lungs unhealthy
now ya dancin' with the PT aka Physical Therapy
ICU bitches eyin' me but im eyin' you back
with M-107 scope i carry on my back
Militant guided criminal minded my messages Subliminal
smooth criminal
as Mike slam ya keep ya virgin
tight as a Dyke
ya pearl tonguin' it im legit so i cant quit
my rhymes sick
put it on the respirator im greator then the average
known savage kickin' up carnages
took the juice went from Projects
to Three car Garages
a born menace far from innocence
im in it to win it show ya neck and ill slit it
forget it
This is Nas;s Instrumental so im movin' all the
im makin' serials by the ton
C-Bo flow Nigguhs takin' bites at me like im Costco
im the Black Brasco pistol smokin' Joe
beatin' groupies til they pale as Albino
as i excite the frowns
from Gettin' Down
what you know about the nunchuku
i got two under the bed thats going to f*ck you
your an imitation copy while im bruce lee
I take you then your man on a killing spree
you niggas know me
cut you off like a vasectomy
straight OG triple OG
on the muthaf*ckin street
spittin to this classic nas beat
you know my steez
my lyrics more deadlier than cappadonna and the killa
il damage you like jeru the damaja
your an amature, il vanish ya
you don't need sheets il roll you up with your living
room carpet
dissect your main organs and sell em to the black
I get a grand for the heart
the rest of your bodies worthless, i just rip that
shit apart
man f*ck you and your math
im gonna show you the aftermath
for f*cking with the wrath
sneak up like dexter and start the sedating
tie your ass up then commence the cremating
Innocent soul, Black, with a black hat and a back pack
Focused on getting stacks and ladys with fat backs
had a girl of his own
cheating with another man while he gone
matter of fact sixteen
no job, tryna pay off loans
to the local G's for a couple of G's
No good in school, just a couple of E's
When he gets home,
tells his bitch to drop to her knees
a leader of his street is what it seems
but he dont chill with the fiends and the real OG's
thirteen he was puffing that green
skip a month or few
dropped outta high school
gang banging tryna make a name
for himself
walking the block, with 45 on his belt
Still in debt
to the local G's
they spotted him
they looked at him
and they rushed him up
and f*cked him up
took his money, they laughed as they ran, thought it
was funny
but little did they know
O'l blackie had strap
and he knew exactly, where they chill and trapped
He took a day of recovery
straightened his mind
what he was about to do was really outta his mind
but he needed his money
He waited for bout 8pm
praying to God
hoping he make it back safe
Grabbed his black jacket,
black mask
black hat
and for all the luxarys he took his black back pack
opened the door
kissed the cross on his chest
and headed west
Got to the destination
without hesitation
busted down the door
gun is palm,
shot the first nigga he saw
and watched the blood pour
It ain't hard to tell
im the best to ever ship the sail
from baggin' hash to movin' Yeyo
don't make no false moves
or you'll be missin' brain cells
i rock it well
used to run with a gang but now i hang
solo so be on the bolo
my nuts hangin' like a missle toe
now give it kiss ya dismissed im the greatest
rockin' emcees chatterboxes and what not
and who got

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