Floral White And Dressed To Die Lyrics

When I lie awake
you bring me comfort
but when I fall to sleep
it goes away
and now it hurts inside
for something new, I could try
but nothing is really new
and not as real you

you see, it wouldn't matter
because there is no such thing as contrast
and there are no lines anymore
they weren't healthy, so we did away with them
I'm sorry you weren't really in the plan
we didn't have time to tell you

but since when has not having a choice ever been a problem?

you didn't pick what color you were
and being gray seems to be working out for you fine
why fix something if it isn't broken?
that's what they always say...

you f**king asked for this you know
with every time you pushed me
and every time you cut me
for every problem blamed on me
and every time you said I ruined your life
screaming it in my face while I cried and begged you to stop... telling you I loved you, it was all in vain, wasn't it?
with little bands that say "I promise"
and whispered words that say "I do"
you certainly will enjoy yourself, wont you?
because when everything is white and floral
there is no looking back
and you won't remember any of this
oh I hope your red dressed queen will make it all better
because I remember a time when she wasn't dark enough
when white was still the enemy
and fetish models with tightly laced corsets were all that really mattered... next to me
next to me
when pinups were goddesses and love was a tool used to control the weak
and the weak was me
yes... oh this is all coming back to you
because you asked for it
and it's finally here

Floral White
and dressed to die
I never wanted that

Floral White
and dressed to die
I never wanted that for you

all for you

floral white

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