Wretched Kingdom Lyrics


At any given moment-I've been known to explode
and blow shit out of proportion...better blow the horn;
Alert all four of the horseman-
Lock in a figure four-
While layin' down on the floor; It's what I like endin'
wars with!
I'll have no more of it;
Anyone with a "Brain Baby" on the way(?)
A sudden abortion, and of course-
Any moron with a voice can hop on a track and make
Have it celebrated by his boys, but it's horseshit!

(You heard what I said mayne, I'm R.D. Peeps and it be
All Dead Everythang...)

All Dead Everything-
Rock it front of one, or one too many...
My fans went from none to having me a plenty...
My mother calls me "sun" for shining down energy;
And I ain't runnin' from anyone or anything!
Not at all the average, but I'm full of madness;
Maddening it is when you be givin' 'em magic!
You adhere to obvious...

(Obviously...we gon' have some problems-you ain't
rockin' with me...I'm a mahfuggin' monsta', predic-ted
like Nos-tra-damus, I promised I would be...)

In the mutha f**kin' mix with lyrical lunatics-
I'm looney and in a mood, so you all better get-
To steppin'...
I get it goin' like an injection of epinephrine in the
medical reference-but with malevolence!
I'm so ridiculous...
Tell me how you thinkin' of any possible way you could
ever possibly say that I ain't even worth the
Not only am I awesome, but I'm often on top of the list
for all the People listenin!

(The realest of the real; a Murder Machine...They call
me that because of every beat I'm on....I kill.)

I blast off into an orbit of a gaseous exoplanet that
has the mass of a dozen Jupiters...
and three times as many moons-
Avoiding a supermassive black hole's grasp to have
something to do...
Receive an uppercut with a smile,
Give back a roundhouse- then go sweat the pounds out
I'm elevated, go the extra mile 'cause I'm dedicated-
Even if you mad that I did it; I would never hate it.
And I mean it when I say it; I'm "Professor Chaos" in a
General Disarray;
and I barely made it.
A slave to the freedom; beat 'em up I don't need 'em
Won't give a f**k, if I see 'em-I show 'em why they
bottom feedin'...


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