The Movement Part III Lyrics

[Intro: Qusai]
This is a Mind Circus Production
From the KSA, I bring to you
Kamelion, Anas Arabi, Majic, Kaffien, Vizion, Moh Flow, Tim Granite, P.O.E.T
The movement part three
You suckers!

[Verse 1: Qusai]
Yo! It's the mo-ve-me-nt
Jeddah city committee
We getting gritty, no pity
Militia, lock and load, Glock the mode
And cock back, block your clock, and hit the road
I'm in it to win it but I'm already a winner
My people made me the one 'cause I was the beginner
I move souls, move units, move messages to generations
You don't wanna know what the damage is, uhh
Next up on the mic, The Junction
And to show 'em how we run things, right

[Verse 2: Anas Arabi]
Wanted movement so I'm patriotic on the beat
Wanted immunity so I'm bionic through the street
As we proceed to feed the fiend in the scene
Keep the herb from the green, words from the gut and spleen
It's a fight, dream without a type
Sleep, it's a lice nest if you scratch heads with no deep thoughts and texts
Life is a mess if you got nothing to rest to
Real to pretend, king's deep, slow ahead
Eyes closed, now eject, bye
Run J-City, dumb, dumb diddy
Edison your entity
Majic, tell 'em what's the dealy

[Verse 3: Majic]
The movement's never been orgasmic, fresher than plastic
Like you're from a casket
And if you moving, leave 'em both, scratch it
A crazed devil with a box of matches
Taking measures drastic
'Cause I'm moving towards my ashes
Running with me, getting action
Fronting to be, now we're conscient
'Cause I'm driven just like a magnet
Spitting the rounds, drop to the ground
First to the pound, and then we bagging
'Cause we keeping this game slow
Asking for mo', we give 'em a show
Asking for a rise, we give 'em a blow
Loving the flame, the fire of the stove
Next player up, Kaffien with that criminal style
Yo, activate

[Verse 4: Kaffien]
Dis the movement we moving
Flow, screws in, so amusing, so confusing
Hopping down the block with four inch woks
Collecting drops, feeding cops with slugs and shots
Call of duty, higher man mobs
The figure five with the furious slops
The seven eye skies, immortal, not afraid to die Revelation type of lifestyle
Buck wild, infamous child
A year of the rebirth of Armageddon
Right now, who's next?

[Verse 5: Vizion]
I blazed the booth
Raised the truth, roof youths with it (So high)
Did they lose you with the fake slamming news you get?
Tryna confuse you with it, but you got bigger shoes to fit (Tryin' hard)
Or be a war controlled slave when the noose's lit
The movement don't move with a loose wit, the fruitless
Mind games you're pushing on us it's useless
No excuses for the ruthless that you is
Check the way we shoot this, and groove to this blueprint
Since we chasing more dough
I got my man on the mic, it's Moh Flow

[Verse 6: Moh Flow]
It's Moh Flow, wanna move, never stop banging
Oh no! You seen the news, boy, stop changing
It's like the whole globe full of six built strangers
I don't understand, we don't speak the same language
I don't really see what's the reason for this anger
I mean, y'all strickened, so am I, so handle
What you got in your plate, sitting in your mansion
It's raps y'all hear, I spit 'em with a passion
The hunger for mine got me crashing the scene, I'm asking
Where Tim Granite at with that panic attack?

[Verse 7: Tim Granite]
Qusai came along
And ran with Junction in the marathon
Moh Flow passed the baton
And now we running the decathlon, the battle song
My Anas Arabi soldiers on the horses with no saddles on
I got my Majic armor on
Check our Vizion, 'cause now you Run or getting batted on
Pop Kaffien 'cause y'all ain't lasting long
Up the Mind Circus (shhhh) creek
And shoulda paddled on
Pass to POET
I'm sorry if I rattled on
Tim Granite's out like the criminal you ratted on

[Verse 8: P.O.E.T.]
Yo, in my position to bring your ass fulfilment
Pen wars with myself
None of it was crifted, shifted, metaphored
Myself needs encryption, demented dimension
Paper extended, care unit, intensive
My tongue is offensive
Dammit, call it divine intervention
Cracker jack'll crack a jack if our spits are whack
Forget affiliation
We are one movement on the track

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Songwriter(s): Kaffein, ViZion, Majic, Moh Flow, Tim Granite, Anas Arabi, Qusai
Record Label(s): 2012 Platinum Records FZ LLC
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