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Cha Cha
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Cha Cha Lyrics

[Verse 1:]

Momma, dump my shot, do the CHA CHA
Feel real good, bout to sky dive
Good merits, I be in the high rise
Worse news couldn't kill my vibe
Big 4 pound for the ra ra
In the car mellow (Carmelo) all LA LA
Whole lotta choppers like Sadam! (ooouuu)
I got my baby in Prada, I got my lady in Prada
Throw a oop to my youngin', he hit it
I don't even be f*ckin' these bitches
With the plug, got a couple extensions
Bitch, I just run it up in the trenches
Difference is, niggas stuck in the trenches
You ain't even got a (?)
Samples, samples, give a couple (?) and samples
Take it to the max on his apple
Ride my wave, I'ma paddle
Yes, I'm still above gravel
My grandma used to make scrapple
Come short with my money and Tonya gonna slap you
Or get too deep, I'ma clap you!
You don't gotta guess who I'm dissing, i'ma at (@) you
Mannequin challenge, a statue
I'ma turn bro to a pack too, head nod
No dap when I pass through
Distance, distance, Momma, give me my distance
I offer Salat in these Christians
Both of my kids is Muslim but every other day like Christmas

[Verse 2:]
Got an XD with an extension
Got a Draco on my wishlist
Riding with the metal I'm twisted
All of this shit non-fiction
Bitch, shine my chopper, no kisses
Quilly coming at these rappers like Kendrick
Got 26 singles and disses
Hold up, let me be specific
Quilly wavy as pacific
She sucked my dick and I told her terrific
I hit her last week and she told me she miss it
Bitch, I'm on 90, you're blowing my ticket
Pull that white out my hat like a magic trick
Rob who? Naw Naw, I ain't having it
(?) lil nigga, what's happening?
Shout out (?) we still got the activist
Me and Tonya took (?) put some crack in it
People's champ, guess I'm back in my (?) again
All (?)
All fendis on my sheet, misdemeanor
Walk him down with the judge, no subpoena
Got the ball, I should sleep in arenas
Riding around with my chocolate; Serena
Wash what? All my shit in the cleaners
Press a nigga with the stainless steamer
2020, this a 21 beamer
Mike Amiri all the way down to my sneakers
Write a rap, cook some crack in the other hand
(?) then fly back to the motherland
They wouldn't understand
I got a 100 million dollar flow
What the f*ck is a 100 grand?! OH!

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Songwriter(s): Quilly
Record Label(s): 2020 Loud Muzik
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