Que - Og Bobby Johnson (atl Remix) (ft. T.i. & Jeezy)


Og Bobby Johnson (atl Remix) Lyrics (ft. T.i. & Jeezy)

O.G. Bobby Johnson!
O.G. Bobby Johnson!
O.G. Bobby Johnson!

Word on the street I'm a suspect
Hangin' with the killers in the projects
They don't wanna bail, keep quiet (shh)
Catch a nigga slippin' from behind (boom)
O.G. Bobby Johnson!
O.G. Bobby Johnson!
O.G. Bobby Johnson!
O.G. Bobby Johnson!

Wipe a nigga out like an outbreak (wipe 'em out!)
Choppa start bustin' make the house shake (craaa)
f**k niggas sweeter than a pound cake
Get your eyes on your chin better watch what your mouth say (watch it!)
Lean with the footballs got a nigga trippin' (zans)
f**k it, f**k it, nigga keep sippin'
Dirty AK with the beam on it (dirty!)
Clip so long I could lean on it (long?)
Free my niggas locked behind bars(free 'em)
Moved a hundred pounds before a lawyer beat the charge (beat it)
Pack touch down run it back like Marshall Faulk
If a nigga try to rob f**k it hit em with the hawk (boom)


Ok, we started cathing, felonies are banging(west side)
Ride through the hood in a hot bar
And now you see, that is why I had a trap house
Hair day creeps through the bare crap rock (?)
I got pills in the pocket and a bankroll
Anybody try me, I'mma let the thang go
Put a whole clip before you change anything
Cause when you're humming there smth that you can't do
What you can't do, bust a nigga, respect that
You violate, then you're mandatory nigga left dead
I hit the laps, Smithy Lests(?), push the real weed now
I had them undercover, peeping to your dead cousin
You're with your OG's hanging, OZ's slangin' (ok)
Side phoned up, quick Codeine drinking
You round up on the wrong 44, be banging
Meet you at the car roll, where the dope be's
Thinking I'm a


You should go and get'em like Denzel
How you think I put niggas on?
Static on your line, I'm like f**k that!
You jinkies ass owe me a phone, nigga
Only thang we feel that indited
She got ass, not ass in Tyson
Me and you, your home girl,
You're the own girl
The riff's cation is excited
I've never been a snitch
Yeah, them bricks got me rich
Hope to die, yeah I cross my heart, nigga
And I hear honest, with a chain so bright
You would have though I wa' playn in the dark, nigga
Earn stripes just like a zebra
That soft white and bowls of reefer
Thinkin' like Arthur Blanks
In a Hanes wife beater
Remember one time gramma walked in my room
Like, “boy what you got right there?”
Said, “I ain't gonna lie,
Damn near a whole pie”
Would you wait to be a millionaire?!
Hoe see nigga fall off, nigga right by the bar
Nigga grindng me and offer no ze?
Never play a poli game, you ain't hearing my name
Shit, make you an OG


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Songwriter(s): Adrian Bruesch, Quentin Square

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