Time For Lyrics

(Vicasso on another one)
Oh woah, yeah

Soaked up the gang from all the emojis, told me blast first
He woulda put a bitch before me, I put cash first
From the way I'm in and out that gym, call me McGregor
The perfect caption for my picture, nothing regular, [?] regular
Why you haven't been here in my [?]?
'Cause I ain't got time for it, I'm tryna [?] from day to night, this not Tom Ford
This Off-White on my feet, I'm rockin' shit they cannot afford

Shootin' guns when it was nice, you know we had us a lot of swords
I got the sack, f*cked it up twice but you know I got a lotta more
Read you a story on my life, I swear to God that's a lot of stories
Lifе's a gamble, you roll the dice, I hopе I bring back a 9 to 4
We rode the block from day to night, we used to work from 'bout 9 to 4
He let off shots right by the park, he hit him all in his spinal cord
She like "QPac, why you don't love me?" I told shawty I ain't dyin' for her
Two double cups, I'm sippin' bubbly when we walk in designer stores
That brand new Draco hold a whole hunnid
I swear to God that I still got a lotta old hunnids
I just wanna Crip, blue, six, so hunnid
I just wanna make a quick flip, more money
They know Big Peezy break his wrist cookin' over the stove runnin'
Was on my back with no gelato, always smokin' your [?]
They know the rims be Forgiato, reason that these hoes love me
I apologize in the Double R where I spill purple potions
The seats specific chosen, in the Pacific Ocean I'm drownin' deep in the water
I led my team to four wins then pass the ball to Miss Carter
Oh why a imperfect flower never grow in the garden?
He reminisce, he get this thottie, left his heart in the projects
Marvelous [?] sing from the sky, I'm [butterfly/born to fly?] that's my daughter
She see the tiger in my eye, I look at her, see two dinosaurs
Inshallah, I got that bag now, steady pray to the Lord
Run him down with the Glock, I'ma [?], just jumped out that new Porsche
[?] dirt on the block, tryna make up a [?], so we can live galore
And I hit a thot in a room with her friends gripping on my extension chord
If I give that location, I'm droppin' the guap then the neighborhood gon' come and kick your door
She call me Jodi, she my Jodeci like I'm her baby boy
Just sent a letter to lil' Leaky talkin' 'bout his baby boy
If I don't [?] gon' take your baby boy
Lil' [Grey?] got introduced to sixties, ever since, knew what it was
And it ain't no "if" before the fame, they knew when I was off the porch

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Songwriter(s): Vicasso, SephGotTheWaves, Quando Rondo
Record Label(s): 2020
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