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Everyone guessing that I am the greatest
They always are asking me
Why did it I say it?

They say to me basically every way to be
Humble but I do not like all the hating
I'll prove it bitch
Crazy Lunatic
Rap game man I'm new to it
What can I do for improving it
Ain't no baby, I'm ludicrous
Why am I doing this?
I am the brutalist student that's through with it
You are the stupidest hooligan booing it
Vaycay in Budapest, know that I'm hungry
Shout out to logic that pun didn't come from me
I am flowing

10 percent of Y'all understand
Know that I'm growing, I don't have no upperhand
They try to fold me, control me until I snap
But you should know that I'm no f*cking rubber band
I got many dreams, lotta passions
I'ma get there by any means just imagine
Just know that anything can happen
Take chances put everything in rapping
I don't even really need to go fast
Flow back not wandering like a nomad
So glad
They all melt like a snowman
Back to back flames
Got Drake sayin' oh man

Not again, got a lotta friends
Who wanna end all my shit
Unsubscribe like I'm on demand
I been livin' in the moment got a lotta fans
Pedophile back at it again with the white vans
Can't lie, man, I got a lot of white fans
Can I get an ultralight beam maybe by chance?
Every day I been switchin' up on my stance
Scare everyone away whenever I dance
People in the comments sayin' that I can't rap
Ok cause I didn't understand that
f*ck you man I think it's time to stand back
You be sitting gettin' in the way like a sandbag
If you wanna talk trash say it to my face
I been singing la la I got two la's
I been laughin' ha ha at the human race
Hey I'm in the lead not far from a newer place

Gettin' sicker and sicker
The flow on the track gettin' quicker and quicker
Shiver me timbers
I'm winning these bigger
Killer victor not swiping left like its tinder
They filter my picture and put it in bad light
Me playin' these rappers a bad fight
Me spittin' these bars is a mad sight
Haters be changin opinions is that right?

I'm winnin' I'm livin' I'm spitting'
A million words per the minute
I'm in it to win it
I'm fixin to hit it
This shit is my mission
Not up to opinions
You know that I'm grinnin'
Not religious but I'm sinnin'
Sinnin' but I'm gettin listens while I'm shittin
Limits at the sky it's only the beginning
Better get it I ain't chilling, cause I'm switching positions

Yes I am grippin what's killin
These villains tryna knock me down like a building
I'm picking it up I will fill in
I'm bridging together you know that it's written
These bitches are bitching
All of these snitches are snitchin
Emitting that negative energy shifting it
Fit in but they all afraid to admit it
Haters twitching while I'm benefiting
Hella lifted
Never fittin
Like a cinderella princess in them little slippers
People getting grumpy need a bit of snickers when this track drop I'll be little richer
Gotta feel the picture
Gotta feel it bigger
Than nobody else
Know I will be the victor
I will be the winner
I will see them enter
I will be who's better
If you don't believe me then we'll see together

I fell right off of this shit
I fell right off of this shit
You know I'm not gonna quit
You know I'm not gonna quit
I Gotta keep improved
I gotta keep it movin
Every evening doing
Keep pursuing one day
I'll be the hugest
From the start they never thought that he could do this
Came from seemin' foolish to now on top
In like Dwayne Johnson but came out the rock
Bout to stop
Nah I'm about to pop
So all of these haters is about to drop
Went from sea level to the mountaintop
Just started driving now I found a lot
Sound and clock
Hear it from around the block
Track over
Now all of the sound is

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Songwriter(s): Quadeca
Record Label(s): 2016 Quadeca
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