Thank You Next


Thank You Next Lyrics (feat. Sad Frosty)

(Quadeca and Frosty like what?)

None of my shit f*cking match, I'm still the best dressed
"Who just f*cked my bitch?"
Take your best guess (hahaha)
Bitch I wake up fresh I do not get dressed
My bitch is evangelical christian, she like heck yes (amen)
Saying no way like you Jose
I been killing shit like OJ
Cancelling school when I go iced out, it's a snowday
Okay, we going up
When they see the check I'm getting they be throwing up
Bitch type Q into motherf*cking google and I really be the first thing that be showing up

I been like "thank you next"
I hit that bitch with a thank you text
Who been on that shit, better take your guess
When I'm out in Palo Alto like the grateful dead, huh
Call me Kodak, I'm a suburban dude...
They call you... they call you what? We never heard of you

[Sad Frsoty:]
I tell her thank you, next
Callin' Quadeca shoot baby text
Ride with the choppa, I hit with the blade
All of my soles look like a parade, what?
Huh? Yuh
Why they Goofy they be talking that shit
'Hunid bands got it all in my hip
I f*ck on that bitch in the back of the whip, yeah aye...
Oprah all up in my dick but you knew that
Feel like Shek Wes like how that boy do that Twenty racks in the strip club I just thew that, huh what?
Hit for twenty in Japan
Shorty she knew I'm the man
Run in the guap and I cop the advanced

Count the advances
f*ck an AK I shoot cannons
Your grandma just bought my tape for her grandkids
Always thinking what would Jesus do?
And I just f*cked a bitch in my sandals
Your favorite rapper got cancelled
I just spent $3,000 dollars to clear up a sample
Just an example
100 Mil on my channel
They all like that is substantial
Too much too handle, huh
When I talk shit it's scandal, huh
I do not rap I just ramble
Roll on your block like some campbells
They all say I am a handful
Everybody belittle me
But I get hits like I'm playing in little league
So f*ck an industry plant
I'll plant myself in the industry
In my own shoes I ain't giving no sympathy

I been on the regular, yeah
Tryna get ahead of ya, yeah
I just wanna let you know
I don't wanna let you go
I just wanna be for you
I'll do everything I think you need me to
I don't wanna let you go
Let you go, go...

None of my shit f*cking match, I'm still the best dressed, huh...
Take your best guess, hahaha, yeah

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Songwriter(s): Sad Frosty, Quadeca
Record Label(s): 2019 Quadeca
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