Jong And Ill Lyrics

Got a good girl, she can't make time
Got a bad one who can't have fun
And she fall in love for the same rhymes
All of these people life fake lives
Your whole life is a great lie
You reminiscing over old money
And I'm on the grind tryna make mine
I'm so Jong and Ill, like the dictator
What I gotta do to make the quick paper?
These kid-haters are like 10 years old
But still claim to be big players
That shit will make me go
And I'm aiming high, and you aiming low
Got amazing rhymes and a crazy flow
And I may be [?], but I came to show
What I can do when I get on the mic
And I'm keeping it moving, you said I'm the hype
And I'm seeing it through in success [?] inside
I don't take it for granted with plans in this life
You set on the wrong, forgetting the right
Like, 2:00 a.m. in my head in the lights
Ahead of the best of 'em, [?] in the [?]
Go off to bed in the night
I'm getting it like I be livin' in first class
I know that you never will surpass
I'm getting the worst task for this burnt cash
Whenever I work fast
Remember the memos, and sendin'-and sendin' again
And again and again and it never will end it
And say it is splendid, but never relented
And every sentence I say is perfected
Take a deep breath, 'cause I need that
Most of y'all don't even care what I'm saying
You really just like how I speak fast
My bars are meta, I got meta bars
With meta-eights and metaphors
You want better cores and better cars
But you don't know what I'm headin' towards
Say that I am the king of this shit
Crazy rhymes, they ain't thinkin' of this
Singin' and rappin', and makin' it happen
And makin' you laugh when I'm bringin' this shit
Tryna find the other way
Y'all just waiting for another day
'Cause what other 14 year old
Is at 100K?
I'm- making the most of a crazier flow
So many ways it could go
I'm taking the throne and you chillin' and stayin' at home
I'm willing to make it my own
I'm bakin' my cake, and you know that I'm eating it
Even if staying up late is the needed bit
Reason is, stayin' the same, I'm just fleein' it
Leavin' my life while I'm seeing these seasons switch
Meaning, these people ain't feelin' rich
Reach in the fire, I'm heatin' it
Pleasin' these liars, they've [?], they so now they're receiving it
Agreeing to be a live without leading it
Flow's so dope
I think it's time that we take a break
We all make mistakes and play some hate
I got 808s here to save the day
'Cause- I am on top of it
Lost in my thoughts and I gotta be stoppin' it, rockin' it
You know my flow is so dominant
Positive, confident, full of accomplishments, compliments
All of these offers is boring as f*ck
Though I am not a part of 'em
Start a new part to the charts
And I gotta be sure this art is the star on the map when I'm starting it
Breaking it up, like cartilage
Flow is so crazy, it's dope and you know it
I know that you hate to admit it
But really, this shit is the business, rhymes keep darkenin'
Under the radar, you don't know what's comin'
I'm comin' right up, and your bitch started runnin'
I found to be part of a little of something
Called love, and I guess that's the art of it
I try to go slow, but it don't work
I'm gettin' better, that don't hurt
And you think I'm dead, and you're sure
You're salty and not kosher
Slave to the corporates and the owners
This is live and love
Call it Shrek, like the ogre
Hah, bitch, I have had enough
And I am sure I ain't mad enough
Forgettin' the rest while I'm gettin' success
And I look at the numbers, I add 'em up
This chart is like a parabola
Thank you, Lord, for havin' up
And so, every day, I take one step up
Man, I am takin' the ladder up
A hundred-thousand, we get the plaque
Lookin' forward, not heading back
Remember what I had said is that
We ain't givin' up, remember that
Hit me up when you done whining
I'll hit you up when I'm done rhyming
Listen up, 'cause I'm combining
All my skills into one finding
We run rhymes, you know we do
We got the shit that we're going through
These lyrics go over you
You don't miss 'em, so you don't know it's true
'Cause we in, and we've done it
Thousands, now we a hundred
Shoutout to Didac
And Momo and the others
Shit, I consider them brothers
Shit, I consider you all are my family
Shoutout to those who will stand with me
When all of the others abandon me
Drama, we move past that
I look at you with the last laugh
Better trackback, now I rap fast
So many skills in my backpack
Started off so terribly
Now all of these people compare to me
In the past, I-
Never an-ticipated where there would be
And seeya', so long now
Off to the end of the song now
See ya' next [?] 500 and a million
It's on now

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Songwriter(s): Quadeca
Record Label(s): 2015 Quadeca
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