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[Part 1]

When you said that last time, I was kinda tripping, right
But now, you right
I am crazy
But you know what else?
I don't
Give a

f*ck about anything
Skinny white child on the track
But I'm threatening
They don't wanna let ‘em in
They told me if I take it I'll feel better like it's medicine
But I ain't settling
They tryna' rush me like adrenaline

And Labels don't reply so I can get a deal
I've been itching for this shit, someone give me a benadryl
I get hella skill
Man, they worried that I never will
Have success in bills
Golden grills
Making money like it's seven mill
Sorry I don't give a f*ck about this shit
Man, I've been going overboard
And now they jumping on the ship
Man, they some hipocrites
Pimpin butterflies, but in a chrysalis
You kids want my mixtape as a Christmas gift
Middle child, know I'm anything but in the middle bitch
Man, I don't give a shit
I'm well behaved, and so articulate
I'm the type to ask my f*cking teacher for a syllabus
Existential crisis every day I think I don't exist

Chicken little, I'm a frying pan
I'm a dying man
Wake up every morning
I'm gonna make a f*cking diagram
To find a plan
To be the highest man in this giant land
Rap so f*cking hard, I think I'm injuring my diaphragm
Think i'm Ironman
Kids be putting fire emojis on my entire gram
I'm a fireman
Second grade teacher got me singing in the choir man and look at where I am
I never thought I would acquire fans
Acquire bands
Say a bunch of random shit and rhyme it man
That's how much I do not give a f*ck, let's go to Ireland
Hundred bands on the rubber bands to hold your f*cking bands
Listening to the cash register like your f*cking jam

You don't understand, like a Republican, with a gun in his hand
Saying that “Trump is the man to come with the plan”, living in wonderland
That shit is a f*cking scam
Making America show that it's dumb again


I mean, I had to hop on some political shit, you know what I'm saying
I mean, I mean, why not
I thought it was good

[Part 2]

f*ck a lawsuit
f*ck a lawsuit (ayy)
What it cost me, what it cost you (cost you)
G-Gotta stop you, y'all are not cute (bitch)
No need to argue, ‘cus I do not lose (bitch)

Who's your momma, I need to know who taught you
I need to
‘Call you believe but I'm sure that nobody believes you
I'm making-I'm making music as soon as it's done making money, you trying to review
You gonna claim every verse on my album, are you gonna claim these too?

‘Cause I am independent you a little jealous
And you're skeptical of how I'm really selling
You assuming that I can't legit defend it
I'ma send you out here with a prison sentence

Copyright abusing pricks, trying to profit off my music shit
Little did you know that I am not afraid of you
And so I will refuse to quit, you stupid bitch

Yall are bad for real, my shit got mass appeal. (Mass appeal!)
Every song that I drop is an anthem you don't really have to kneel
Freestyle, you don't have to steal
Don't like it? well you have to deal (Have to deal!)
If I say it that it's how I feel, it's real I don't pass no drills (Yeah)
Plug called like we had a deal, man this shit ain't daffodils. (Daffodils!)
When it all comes at my door, get the toy like a happy meal
If it does, then I have to kill, name a track that I haven't killed (damn)
When it comes to this shit, I'm a killer, red dot, and record man I have to chill

Yeah this a new wave
Y'all are too late
You say you gon' start tomorrow, but tomorrow's today
I get-I get all these bags stuff ‘em in a suitcase
You a thief, you just steal my shit like you was Boonk Gang

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Record Label(s): 2017 Quadeca
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