The Streets Is Ours Lyrics (feat. Young Jay Dee & Geno)

Young Jay Dee (Verse 1)
Don't get it twisted, I'm here to stay not to visit
Cover all the basis, pushing the limits
No gimmiccs, no flaws, nothing but the raw
And uncut from the gut, leave the print in my paw
I want it all, so I needs my plate
I even want the crumbs that drop from the piece of the cake
Won't hesitate, I just love that taste
A victory kissing me, leaving me in the right place
The right space and time, I gotta get mine
Niggas hate, that's great, I just pay 'em no mind
'Cuz it's cold out here, time to turn up the heat
Even though I love ice, no frost bites on me
Gotta stand on my feet, gotta stay on my beat
I'm rare like the meat, I see what you don't see
So, while you're out here trying to stay on fleek
I'm trapping my own midst, nigga, doing Jay Dee

We ain't trippin' off the money and fame
We ain't trippin' off trying to impress you succas and dames
We ain't trippin' off the big houses, the jewelry and cars
When it all boils down to it, one things for sure, the streets is ours
[Repeat 2x]

Geno (Verse 2)
I spit flames on lames, shouldn't start shit
Runny mouth bitch, another fuccing snitch
Did I witness this, bruh, that's most niggas
Claiming you're real, you talk too much, you fake, nigga
Real down, steady braggin' on your money
Go in your poccets and see, now how is that funny
Lying to bitches, saying you got riches
But you can't stand the heat when you walk inside the kitchen
No excuses nigga, so stop your bitchin'
Like a bitch, I blocc out, nigga, don't even listen
Are your feelings hurt, you little boys cry
Might as well put the steel to your brain and fuccin' die
You disgust me, you ain't real as G
So, muthafucca look straight and stop staring at me
I'm going bacc to high school like Snoop and Khalif
So I can blow you fake niggas out my memory


Q. Allanz (Verse 3)
I feel like celebrating, victory for the home team
As soon as we take the field, going in for the kill
Judges wanna hit the gavel when they see us travel
You can't name a real ghetto that ain't seen my feet walk on the gravel
I'm still humble and that ain't gonna change
But y'all turned me into Van Gogh, cover one ear and take you out the frame
Go hard in the game 'cuz I don't sit on the bench
They possibly wanna cuss me out, picc a language, Spanish or French
Why get upset, just another Hard days work
And I'll ve damned if I let another man get in my space and get in my network
Hot like summer, but I can get colder
And if you owe me, give it here, you ain't gonna like if I come looking for ya
You wanna see me go idiot, well I gotta show ya
I'm siccer than a hooker with herpes catching pneumonia
Too many blessings on me, no, you can't blocc mine
Interrupt me and even your teeth will get their own chalk line

(Repeat 2x)

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Songwriter(s): Geno, Young Jay Dee, Q. Allanz
Record Label(s): 2016 Q Allanz
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